Chinese official mocks Washington over Hong Kong sanctions — RT World News

The head of mainland China’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong, Luo Huining, pointed out that the recent personal US sanctions will have zero effect on him and only prove that he is doing “the right thing.”

Luo said that restrictions against him are meaningless since he does not have any assets in the US.

Maybe I should send Mr Donald Trump US$100 so that he can have the so-called ‘asset freeze’.

On Friday, the US announced sanctions against 11 Chinese officials, including Luo and Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, accusing them of curtailing the city’s autonomy and violating the rights of its citizens amid the anti-Beijing protests there.

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The Hong Kong government labeled the move an attempt to meddle in its affair and warned that it will not be “intimidated” by the US.

Luo argued that the new batch of sanctions has revealed the intentions of US politicians to “support anti-China chaos in Hong Kong,” adding that “their clowning actions are really ridiculous.”

As for himself, Luo said that the blacklist also proves that he is doing “the right thing” for China and Hong Kong.

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