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There is a lot of information about where the ice cream originally came from. Some sources state that 2,200 years ago in China, rice-flavored milk was prepared by refrigerating it with snow. It is said to have been brought to Italy by Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant and traveler who had traveled to Asian countries. Later, it spread to France and other countries.
Ice cream similar to the present began to appear in the seventeenth century. In this way, the baby is prepared by adding cream or chocolate to the cream. They added snow or ice to keep it cool. In those years, a bucket-shaped box for ice cream was made. It was packed with essentials and deliciously mixed.
Italians are now more famous for making ice cream with milk, sugar, honey, jam, fruit, eggs and a variety of other foods. There are also ice creams specific to countries such as Japan, Finland, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Turkey.
Ys­sy ho­wa­da iýil­me­gi ha­lan­ýan hem bol­sa, doň­dur­ma sarp et­mek­de has so­wuk ýurt­lar öň­de­li­gi eýe­le­ýär. Jan ba­şy­na doň­dur­ma sarp et­mek­de Şwe­si­ýa, Finl­ýan­di­ýa, Nor­we­gi­ýa, Da­ni­ýa öň­de­li­gi eýe­le­ýär. Teh­nologiýa­nyň ös­me­gi ne­ti­je­sin­de bol­sa, doň­dur­ma taý­ýar­la­ma­gyň has döw­re­bap usul­la­ry iş­le­nip dü­zül­di. Hä­zir­ki wagt­da ýö­ri­te kär­ha­na­lar­da taý­ýar­lan­ýan doň­dur­ma­lar söw­da no­kat­la­ryn­da so­wa­dy­jy­lar­da sa­tyl­ýan bol­sa, ki­çeň­räk doň­dur­ma en­jam­la­ry ar­ka­ly taý­ýar­la­nan ba­dy­na müş­de­ri­le­re ýe­ti­ril­ýän doň­dur­ma­lar hem meş­hur­dyr.


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