Reconstruction design works are underway at Qairoqqum HPP

MONDAY, 06.08.2020. / NIAT Khovar /. Despite the spread and impact of the new coronavirus pandemic at the Hydropower Plant “Kairokkum” power plant design works are going according to plan. Speaking in an interview with NIAT “Khovar”, Abduahad Dadaboev, the head of the Sughd power grid Tura Atamov said that this issue and other aspects of the plant’s activities. since the beginning of the project on reconstruction of the HPP “Kairokkum” To date, a number of research and development works in this area, such as topographic, geophysical, geotechnical, cartographic, subsoil surveys, measurements of the aqueduct and concrete part of the plant (3D scanning), submarine survey (bathymetry), turbine model testing, Underwater condition of hydromechanical equipment and concrete part (diving works), detailed design of auxiliary equipment, preparatory work, procedure of safety and environmental protection plans, emergency evacuation plan and quality plan have been completed.

Also, ancillary buildings for builders, such as dormitories, food reception points, residences have been built on the territory of the power plant, and a comprehensive analysis of the research work is underway. Based on the analysis, a project for the repair and rehabilitation of the earth and concrete dam is being prepared.

According to him, the reconstruction of the HPP is currently underway in accordance with the project implementation plan. A number of works have been carried out in this direction so far, including the restoration of three cranes, repair of the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of the HPP management building. closed installation and its mobile roof, production and delivery of 3 sets of straw bars to the plant, dismantling of old straw bars and installation of new bars, dismantling of old hydraulic equipment for loading turbine wheels.

At present, the detailed design of the main and auxiliary equipment is being completed and the placement of the equipment orders in the factories is underway.

Today, in order to implement the project work in a timely manner and in accordance with the plan, the necessary measures, such as the organization of repair and rehabilitation work in 2 shifts, weekly technical meetings with the designer and optimization of work in accordance with the schedule. implementation of the project.

It was noted that the reconstruction of Qairoqqum HPP is being carried out by a consortium of General Electric Hydro (France), General Electric Renewable Switzerland (Switzerland) and Sobra Instalaciones servicios SA (Spain). The reconstruction date of the Qairoqqum HPP is March 7, 2019, and the project is expected to be completed in 57 months.

According to the agreement, the project cost is 49.9 million US dollars. The phase of modernization of the main and auxiliary equipment of the plant, 110 kV switchgear and repair of hydraulic structures is planned to increase the capacity of the plant from 126 MW to 174 MW. . Reconstruction works have been carried out in two stages, and after the completion of the reconstruction, the power generation at the Qairoqqum HPP will increase by 38% and its capacity will be increased from 126 thousand kWh to 174 thousand kWh. the service life of the equipment will also increase.

It should be noted that the plan for the construction of the “Qairoqqum” HPP was designed in 1940 and put into operation in 1957. During 63 years of operation, most of the equipment is old and in need of repair. Currently, the Sughd region’s energy system includes the Qairoqqum Hydroelectric Power Plant and six regional power grids, consisting of 18 city and district grids.

At the same time, it was noted that 374.7 million kWh of electricity had been generated at the Qairoqqum HPP in the first six months of 2020, which was 1.7 million kWh more than planned. The amount of electricity used is 2.53 billion kWh, of which 2.16 billion kWh is the usable electricity.

At present, the hydraulic generator №2 is being repaired at the plant, and during the reporting period, the remaining 5 hydrogenerators, power transformers, main electrical equipment, irrigation pumps and cranes were repaired.


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