Bishkek honored the memory of twice Hero of the Soviet Union Talgat Begeldinov »Reports»

Today, on May 6, at the monument to the twice Hero of the Soviet Union Talgat Begeldinov on Molodaya Gvardiya boulevard, a requiem meeting was held in memory of him and others who died during the Great Patriotic War.

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Photo by news agency “”. Laying flowers at the monument to twice Hero of the Soviet Union Talgat Begeldinov.

At the event, veterans, blockades of Leningrad, townspeople, students of the capital’s schools and representatives of the mayor’s office laid flowers at the monument to Talgat Begeldinov.

Among the participants in the meeting-requiem were the descendants of Begeldinov himself, who thanked everyone who came.

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Photo by news agency “”. Descendants of Talgat Begeldinov

“That was how our uncle was, he did not recognize the New Year or his birthday. For him there was only one single holiday – the Great Victory Day! ” – told IA «» his nieces.

In turn, the legendary Valentina Andreevna Kasatykh said that Kyrgyzstanis remember and honor those who, defending their homeland, died a heroic death.

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Photo by news agency “”. Legendary Valentina Andreevna Kasatykh,

“It has been 72 years since we have been living under a peaceful sky, but we do not forget our heroes who died on the fronts of the war and after it. We remember everything! Honor and glory to them! ” – Valentina Kasatykh emphasized and read a poem written by the defender of Leningrad Yuri Ivanov:

There are fewer and fewer of us, but once there were many.

The road swayed from the soldiers’ boots.

Our bones ached, our wounds ached

We ate the soldier’s dashingly together with porridge.

There are fewer and fewer of us, we are going farther!

We extinguished the Buchenwald ovens.

Our companies thinned, our souls turned gray,

Death went to bask in the trench cracks.

There are fewer and fewer of us, the years are coming

But we are from that – iron, soldier breed.

Difficulty oppresses us, a front-line blizzard hits,

All in scars and burns our memory is alive.

And we are less and less … “

Valentina Kasatykh told that today in the Leninsky district of the capital only 36 participants of the Second World War remained alive. “They are all sick. I am the youngest one, I am 90 years old … ”, she said.

“Our young generation is not lost, and I see it when I give lectures about the war to schoolchildren. So many questions, such genuine interest and, of course, their participation and assistance to veterans … This is a memory for centuries! We won also because there was friendship, patriotism and heroism on the war fronts. I very much ask all my dear comrades: do not share by nationality! Let’s live together so that there are no wars! Dear veterans, live longer, for God’s sake! ” – she said.

Note that Valentina Kasatykh was awarded 26 medals. He considers the most expensive “For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945”, “For Military Merit”, “Defender of Ukraine”, “For Distinction in Service in the Armed Forces.”



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