Yuri Harmelin, founder and director of the theater “From the Rose Street”, died in Chisinau

On August 8, Yuri Harmelin, the founder and permanent head of the youth drama theater “From the Roz Street”, died in Chisinau. It is reported by NewsMaker with a link to the Facebook page of actor Alexander Shishkin.

In 2016, Harmelin was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was treated in one of the clinics in Israel.

Yuri Kharmelin founded the theater “From Roz Street” in 1978. At first it was a studio theater at the Chisinau school & numero; 55. A year later, it turned into the first school folk theater in the USSR. And in the mid-90s, a whole educational system was formed around the theater: the educational base of the city theater lyceum and the theater department of the Slavic University. All these years the theater was directed by its founder, Yuri Kharmelin.

For 40 years, more than 200 performances based on works of Russian and world literature have been staged on the theater stage.

Theater “From Roz Street” is the organizer of the International Festival of Chamber Theaters and Small Forms Performances “Moldfest.Rampa.Ru”. The first festival took place in the fall of 2009, bringing together 15 theaters from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Israel and Germany. Since then, the festival has been held annually.

In 2019, the theater was named Harmelin “in recognition of its special contribution to the development and promotion of theatrical art.”


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