In Afghanistan, a third of the country’s population could be infected with coronavirus

In Afghanistan, according to the country’s Ministry of Health, about a third of the population, or about 10 million people, can be infected with the coronavirus.

Everything in the world according to American Johns Hopkins University, over 18 and a half million cases of coronavirus infection have been registered, of which about four million 700 thousand cases are in the United States, which remain in first place in world statistics. More than 701 thousand cases have died from COVID-19 in different countries.

In Afghanistan, according to official data, almost 37 thousand cases of infection were registered, 1294 people died during the epidemic. But the real number of cases and deaths from coronavirus, as experts believe, is much higher. The fact that the infected may be about 10 million, said the Minister of Health Ahmad Javad Osmani. According to him, this assumption is based on the test results of about 9 and a half thousand residents. The study was carried out with the assistance of the World Health Organization. In the capital, Kabul, it is estimated that half of the city’s 5 million people could be infected with the coronavirus.

The first cases of coronavirus in Afghanistan were recorded in February, when thousands of migrants and refugees began returning to the country from neighboring Iran, one of the countries most affected by COVID-19 in the region.



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