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Priority positions of Turkmenistan at the 65th session of the UN General Assembly | Newspapers review

Priority positions of Turkmenistan at the 65th session of the UN General Assembly
26.08.2010 11:43

NEWSPAPERS REVIEW, 26 August – IP “TURKMENinform”. 65th session of the UN General Assembly is a landmark event in the course of which concrete decisions are expected to be adopted directed to effective consolidation of efforts of the UN member states, mobilization of politico-diplomatic, financial economic, organizational technical resources of international community for successful implementation of purposes and principles of the UN.

In this connection priority positions of Turkmenistan at the 65th session of the UN General Assembly have been prepared, based on the principles and experience in realization of foreign political course pursued by the President of Turkmenistan, ideas and international initiatives of the Turkmen state aimed at further development of comprehensive cooperation with the countries of the world and reputed international organizations.

I. Peace and security strengthening

Security serves as an essential condition for solution of global political, economic and social issues.

In this context Turkmenistan will focus its efforts for further development of the principle of integrity of security by UN.

Creating own approaches to the problem of safeguarding universal security, we proceed from the integrity of this concept both in geopolitical meaning and from the point of view of interconnectivity of its concrete aspects. Today it has become evident that security, be it political or military, would not be lasting long unless economic, energy and food security is guaranteed and if there is no prevention of risks of ecological and anthropogenic character, no effective resistance to international terrorism, drug threat, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and other global challenges.

On the basis of political visions Turkmenistan forms its own strategy directed to wide and multidimensional cooperation. At the same time we contribute to the idea of such cooperation concrete geopolitical and geo-economical importance. Turkmenistan stands for joint development of models of partnership based on coexistence and compatibility of interests of different countries, suggesting and supporting major international initiatives.

Hence with the view of promoting sustainable world order, Turkmenistan proposes to work out within the framework of the UN a Unified concept of security.

In the regional matter we support an establishment of multilateral mechanism of interaction of the Central Asian and Caspian Region countries. Our aim is to establish principally new political and psychological environment in this part of the world, which would favorably strengthen non-confrontation vision in the relations between the states.

In this context we believe that it is appropriate to consider the issue of formation of system of regular political consultations on high level under the aegis of the UN amongst the Central Asian and Caspian Region states.

II. Processes of non-proliferation and disarmament

The issues of non-proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction, disarmament and control of armament are of prior importance for Turkmenistan.

We clearly see our objective in rendering assistance to international community in solution of issues mentioned.

We deem it is necessary in the course of the 65th session of the General Assembly seriously consider the issue on activation of the functioning of the UN Conference on disarmament.

Considering both Central Asia and the zone of Caspian Sea basin as an integral historical and geographical space where as of today strategic centre of global importance is being formed including most important energy, transport and communication lines we believe that exactly in this sphere the issue of disarmament should become the most important direction of the UN.

The outcome of the International conference on disarmament issues in Central Asia and Caspian Sea Basin taken place in June 2010 in Ashgabat under the auspices of the UN allows drawing a conclusion that challenges of non-proliferation and disarmament processes are to be solved within the frames of existing international legal mechanisms. At the same time we are confident that existing instruments should be supplemented with new documents and forms of multilateral interaction.

In this connection given the results of the Conference, Turkmenistan proposes establishing on the basis of this Conference permanently functioning platform for political dialogue on disarmament issue in the regions of Central Asian and Caspian Sea. We would welcome participation of the Department of the UN of Disarmament Affairs in this activity.

Moreover we stand for effective implementation of regulations of Nuclear Free Zone Treaty in Central Asia and establishing relevant mechanisms of its realization.

III. Fight against terrorism, crime and illicit drug trafficking

Turkmenistan supports efforts of Community of Nations on establishment of effective system coordinated by the UN and Security Council on fight against terrorism.

Henceforth we are to actively cooperate with the member-countries of the Organization within the issues of development of legal basis of fighting against terrorism. In this context we assume that activation of the work on the project of Comprehensive Convention on international terrorism is principally important.

Along with this we support the creation of new forms of partnership within framework of the UN. It is time to consider the possibility of establishment of information coordination centers of the UN against terrorism in different regions of the world.

Illicit drug trafficking is of serious concern which remains one of the threats to the international peace and security.

Fundamental Conventions of the UN on fighting against drugs and psychotropic substances stipulates key role of the Organization in fighting against global drug threat.

We consider the strengthening and expanding the activity of specialized bodies of the UN in the fight against drug trafficking is very reasonable. In this process the most important element should be the precise coordination of activities of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, INCB, WHO, UNICEF, and other UN agencies.

Further on at the national, regional and global levels Turkmenistan will actively partake in fighting against distribution of narcotics.

In modern conditions the consolidation of efforts of international community and accomplishment of coordinated actions on realization of the strategy in the sphere of fighting against crime has got a special urgency. We stand for the precise interaction of states and international organizations in this direction. Realization of multilateral documents and resolutions of the UN directed to fight against organized crime, fight against corruption, human trafficking, and other types of illegal actions should be supplemented with legal, informational and technical assistance to the states concerned. In this connection we consider it is timely to propose to establish UN educational-informative centers on fighting against crime.

IV. Settlement of situation in Afghanistan

Turkmenistan supports the idea of establishing lasting peace, stability and security in Afghanistan.

We think that all issues related to Afghanistan should be solved amicably by negotiations, by means of establishing new political and diplomatic mechanisms based on today’s realities and directed to the long term perspectives. At the same time the key role should be attached to the UN. We welcome the activity of the Special Envoy of the Secretary General on Afghanistan and UNAMA, and UNRCCA.

We support the outcome and adopted decision of the London and Kabul international conferences dedicated to the settlement of situation in Afghanistan.

We realize that efforts of the leadership of Afghanistan are directed to the settlement of situation through the means of negotiations, creation of the atmosphere of national concord and reconciliation in the country.

In this connection, taking into account neutral status of our country, we propose to host under the UN auspices High Level International meeting on strengthening of confidence and concord in Afghanistan and development of state institutions. In near future we are ready to discuss the issues related to organization of the said meeting with our Afghan partners, with the UN Secretary General Special Envoy on Afghanistan and other UN specialized structures and all parties concerned.

Along with political aspect of the Afghanistan issue it is necessary to develop new approaches in rendering an effective economic assistance to Afghan nation. It should be done on a regular basis. In this connection we propose to develop long-term Program on rehabilitation of Afghanistan under the auspices of the UN. Such a program first of all should include the projects of establishing transport and communication networks, electrification, foundation of multi-branched industry, construction of schools, hospitals, and other socially oriented objects. We are ready to actively partake in such international projects.

On its behalf Turkmenistan for many years has been supplying significant part of the territory of Afghanistan with electricity and renders humanitarian aid to the population of the country, constructs social objects in Afghanistan. We are intended to continue these activities.

We note the great significance of the project of construction of gas pipeline Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India. The realization of Trans-Afghan pipeline project may considerably influence to the development of the economy of Afghanistan, assist in solving major social problems including those related with employment, and promote attraction of investments which, as a result, will positively influence to the political situation in the country and the region.

V. Millennium Development Goals realization

Persistent practical realization of the MDG is one of important directions for Turkmenistan in the course of 65th session.

At the national level the realization of the MDG will be included in the list of priorities of economic development of Turkmenistan and state policy in the social sphere particularly in such vital segments like healthcare, social security, environment protection. Nation-wide programs in these spheres are directed to securing human needs and optimization of standards of quality of live.

On the basis of positive experience of international cooperation on implementing MDG we are ready to further develop partnership with the UN and its agencies in this direction.

While noting the great importance of the forthcoming UN Summit on MDG to be held on 20-22 September 2010 we are planning to attend this event and participate in its preparations.

We are expecting that Summit will do detailed review of the stage of implementation of international goals which will become a foundation for strengthening joint efforts in solution of problems in the sphere of stable development. We are confident that implementation of MDG requires more effective coordination by the relevant UN bodies and first of all ECOSOC and UN Human Rights Council.

Would be very timely to convene during the 65th session a Special session of the General Assembly dedicated to the issues of interaction of the UN structures and the member-states in the interests of achieving MDGs.

VI. Issues of international energy and transport infrastructure

Turkmenistan will proceed on the way of strengthening positions and expanding of cooperation in the field of establishing comprehensive guarantees for securing reliable and stable transit of resources to the world market.

Taking into account abovementioned, Turkmenistan comes forth with suggestions to start developing UN universal mechanisms directed to secure functioning of international infrastructure of energy transit, equal and equal-righted access to energy resources. Adopted on 19 December 2008 GA Resolution «Reliable and stable transit of energy and its role in ensuring sustainable development and international cooperation» serves as a basis for such activity.

We stand for further advancement of this initiative within the frameworks of the UN. In this connection we are oriented to the practical solution of the issue related to the establishment of Expert Group under the UN auspices with the mandate for preparation of international-legal mechanism in the field of energy transit. We intend to prepare the draft of relevant UN GA resolution during its 65th session. We welcome participation of all concerned UN member-states in these efforts and call for potential partners to consider the possibility of joint financing of the activity of Expert Group.

In this connection, we emphasize the importance of consultative meeting held in August, 2010 in New York of the representatives of the Government of Turkmenistan with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

In the context of strengthening the UN member countries interaction in the field of transport and expanding of cooperation in this sphere we consider that it is necessary to promote the activity of the Organization and its specialized institutes on international-legal assurance of functioning transnational transport routes.

The most important ones among them are the transport corridors “North-South” and “East-West” connecting with big regions of Europe and Asia. We suggest considering the perspectives of such partnership with great deal of interest, and first of all, the issues related to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). Taking into consideration, transport components in their activity directly linked with the realization of regional and interregional socio-economic programs and projects. Turkmenistan is willing actively partake in the activity of the commissions on wide range of aspects.

VII. Issues of environment protection.

One of the priorities of state policy of Turkmenistan is the ecology and rational use of natural resources.

Being an active participant of close international cooperation in this field, we pay attention to the necessity to raise effectiveness of the activity of UN in the global scale in resolving problems related to the climate change, environment protection and water resources management.

In this context, we intend to enhance our activity in such urgent matter as saving of Aral Sea, which is far beyond regional scope of matters. It is obvious, that national efforts can not solve all of accumulated problems – there must be consolidated approach of all states of the world, international organizations and donors. In terms of this, Turkmenistan suggests to establish in collaboration with UN a Special international group in preparing of complex program in saving the Aral Sea. An initial stage of this activity would be the realization of the Memorandum on mutual understanding between the UN and the Executive committee of International Fund of Saving the Aral Sea, signed in Ashgabat on 3rd March, 2010.

The issue of rational use of water related with the problems of the Aral Sea we consider as a regional matter. Solution of water problems in Central Asia we consider on the basis of generally accepted norms of international law, subject to interests of concerned countries of the region and actively participation of international organizations.

Turkmenistan attaches importance to the issues of security of nature conservation on the Caspian Sea and conservation of the Caspian Sea as a unique nature complex. In close cooperation with UN, particularly with the Caspian ecological program, we intend to make efforts for realization of a Frame Conventions on protection of sea environment of the Caspian Sea. Along with specific tasks of the 65th session we see the conclusion of the four main protocols to specified Conventions.

The main component of the nature protection in Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea basin is the cooperation with the UN Program on environment protection (UNEP). We are confident that closely coordinated action of the Central Asian and the Caspian Sea countries with this body will promote formation of commonly acceptable approaches to the solution of ecological problems. In this connection, Turkmenistan proposes to consider the issue of the opening a Center of UNEP for Central Asian countries and the Caspian Sea basin. In its turn, Turkmenistan could provide all necessary conditions for placing a head-quarter of the Center in Ashgabat.

At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with the UN member-countries in all spectrum of ecological issues in whole, and that of climate change in particular. In this connection, in 2012 Turkmenistan plans to host a Nature Protection Ministers Conference of Asia and the Pacific on the issues of adaptation to climate change.

VIII. Food issue

Turkmenistan considers ensuring of food security in global dimension as a major factor of the sustainable and stable economic and social development of the humankind. We support the efforts of UN and its major specialized body – Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on stabilization of the world food market.

We consider expedient to improve international agrarian and food policy taking into account the necessity of ensuring of balance demand in most needed kinds of food in different countries of the world. In this context, we propose to consider the issue of preparation of the World Food Congress during the 65th session.

We suppose that it would be useful to share the experience of conducting regional international events on this issue. In particular, Agricultural forum of CIS countries was held in October 2009 in the capital of Turkmenistan and it was very timely event while many countries faced negative consequences of financial-economic situation in the world. The goal of the forum was to further stimulate and develop international partnership in agro-industrial complex, discuss the issues related to the strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation in the sphere of agricultural science, engineering and new technology promoting steady development of agriculture.

Being located in the center of the major agrarian region Turkmenistan expresses its readiness to promote further development of institutional basis of the UN in order to ensure management of the processes in the sphere of food supply. Hence, we believe that time has come to consider the possibility of establishing FAO cluster office for the countries of the Central East.

IX. Science, culture, and education issues

Development of culture, as well as reforms taking place in science and education, stipulates participation of Turkmenistan in a wide range of international cooperation.

In this direction Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the partnership with the UN and its institutions and agencies.

We are confident that UNESCO plays a crucial role in this direction and the positive cooperation with this Organization serves as a strong base for strengthening mutual efforts on conservation and popularization of the richest cultural-historical heritage of Turkmenistan and the unique natural sites of our country. In this connection, we hope that in future UNESCO will convene one of the sessions of the Committee of World Heritage in Turkmenistan.

The potential of UNESCO in the field of science and education is extremely needed today more than ever.

In this context, with great enthusiasm we will consider the possibility of joining to the relevant UN Conventions related UNESCO. We are intended in direct participation of National commission of Turkmenistan on the issues of UNESCO to hold a number of events aimed at learning international educational and scientific standards with the view of their further introduction.

X. Human rights issues

The issue of protection and promotion of the human rights and freedom is one of the main priorities of the political course of Turkmenistan.

Concrete practical steps related to further improvement of legal system of Turkmenistan, improvement of democratic basis and institutions of state and society are consequently realized in this direction.

In human dimension Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the development of international cooperation. Effective interaction of state and public structures of our country with the UN humanitarian bodies and institutions serves as evidence.

Being a participant of fundamental UN Conventions in the field of human rights Turkmenistan promotes their implementation at national level. Frankness and transparency of this direction find their reflection in national Reports on implementation of international commitments of Turkmenistan regularly presented to the UN Treaty bodies and in participation of representatives of the country in the sessions of the UN Human Rights Council.

Henceforth we are intended to take part in the activity of the UN Committees and Commissions engaged with the issues of human rights. We are ready to form a delegation of Turkmenistan to participate in the Human Rights Council sessions.

Turkmenistan has nominated its candidature to the Executive committee of UNHCR. During 65th session we will work on the promotion of this issue. We rely on the support of the UN member-states.

XI. UN role

Wide-scale, purposeful and long term cooperation with the UN is the strategic choice of Turkmenistan.

For Turkmenistan UN is more than just representative international Organization. We consider it as a supporting basis of the entire system of global interaction, guarantor of preservation and maintenance of peace and balance of interests on international arena and stability of exiting model of security.

Within 65 years of its existence the UN has proved its compliance to the principles and purposes defined during its establishment. UN properly implements its tasks even today. Surely, while performing such universal functions, the UN develops and changes in accordance with the objective demands of the time. It is an ordinary process and Turkmenistan perceives that some of the aspects of the UN activity need to undergo reformation and improvement. Moreover we believe that the UN reformation must be directed to the strengthening and expanding its role in the world. This is where Turkmenistan supports the efforts the UN member-states, the Secretary-General in making of the work of the UN more dynamic, effective, frankness and democratic. We proceed from these principles when we note about the necessity of improvement of the structure of the Security Council, and establishing closer and more effective interaction between the Security Council and the General Assembly. Whereas universal legitimacy of the UN as the main instrument of international community in its efforts to promote worldwide peace and development, should remain unchanged and steadfast.

We consider as a timely and perspective the involvement of UN and its specialized structures in the solution of socio-economic problems in different regions of the world. It is necessary to use large potential of the UN, its know-how and legal instruments in building up the models of the regional interaction, adjusting the mechanisms of consensus approaches to different disputed issues.

At present preparatory work is undergoing for applying for the nomination of the candidature of Turkmenistan to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). In this connection we see our main goal in providing maximum assistance to the UN in regulating international cooperation, close integration of different states and regions of the universe into the processes of the stable development and growth of the wellbeing of the nations. We consider membership of Turkmenistan to the ECOSOC from the point of view of the effective use of infrastructural possibilities of Turkmenistan by the international community for the promotion of the activity of the different UN structures mainly in Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea basin.

XII. Conclusion

Determination of priority positions of Turkmenistan in 65th session of the UN General Assembly and the promotion of international initiatives and proposals stipulates an active interaction of our country with all the UN member-states, bodies, institutions, agencies and the institutions of the Organization.

We welcome close international cooperation and call upon all partners for joint effective activity for the sake of realization of the high ideals of the peace and justice, realization of aims and tasks of the UN.

IP “TURKMENinform”


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