“Lebanese Hiroshima”. Review of Russian media

“Beirut is crying” is the headline of the article in the newspaper “Kommersant”describing the situation in the Lebanese capital, where explosions in the port killed more than 100 people. Half of the buildings in the city are damaged, hospitals are overcrowded. Lebanese President Michel Aoun convened an emergency meeting of the Supreme Defense Council.

Following the meeting, Beirut was declared a city of disaster, and a state of emergency was introduced in the country. The army took control of the destroyed neighborhoods. According to the preliminary version, the explosions took place at a warehouse with confiscated ammonium nitrate. The Governor of Beirut estimated the damage caused at $ 3 to $ 5 billion. “Who was in Beirut today is crying. May God have mercy on all the victims, and everyone who can donate blood to the wounded does not hesitate for a minute, because there are so many of them,” – Lebanese write on social networks.

Without masks and quarantine: has Sweden managed to bring the coronavirus under control? This question is asked by the author of another article of the same editions, which says: today will be published macroeconomic data for the second quarter. Analysts interviewed by Bloomberg the day before believe that the decision not to introduce drastic quarantine measures allowed the Swedish economy to avoid the worst fall and end the second quarter of this year (which was the main restrictive measures) with a decrease in GDP by only 7-8%. This figure is unprecedented for the kingdom, but better than in the United States and the Eurozone countries. Thus, according to David Oxley, an economist at the London-based consulting company Capital Economics, the countries of the Eurozone will expect a three-fold drop in GDP.

However, it would be a mistake to say that the coronavirus did not affect the lives of the Swedes. High school students and students were nevertheless transferred to distance learning, and visits to nursing homes were strictly limited. Swedes are free to move around the country, but due to high incidence rates, they cannot enter many European countries, including neighboring Finland and Norway. The most striking evidence of this was the July wedding between citizens of Sweden and Norway, which the bride and groom played right on the border. Guests from both countries stayed on their side of the demarcation tape, and the wedding photos instantly went viral on social media.

The growth of coronavirus infection is expected not only in the central and eastern regions of Turkey, as the local authorities warned about. The head of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, Fahrettin Koca, wrote on his page on the social network Twitter: “for the first time in a long time” – obviously, after the opening of borders for foreign tourists from a number of countries – “a serious increase in the number of patients with COVID-192 was recorded, writes on Wednesday “Russian newspaper”.

According to the statistics of Dr.Koji, who is known for advising Turkish youth not to leave the house and read Leo Tolstoy back in March, as of August 4, 1083 new cases of infection were detected in the country, 18 cases died.

“Lebanese Hiroshima” is the title of the article about the tragedy in Beirut by the author of another article of the same pro-Kremlin editionswhere it is said that eyewitnesses of the events vied with each other to tell reporters that the cause of the explosion was a rocket, which they saw in the sky a few moments before the tragedy. Various versions of what happened began to appear in the media, according to which what happened was nothing more than an attack from the outside.

For example, the Al-Hadas TV channel suspected Israel of this, which allegedly struck a blow at the warehouse of the radical movement Hezbollah. However, as reported by the Israeli Knesset TV channel, Tel Aviv was not involved in the explosions in the port of Beirut. The Israel Defense Forces declined to comment on the incident.

Lukashenko takes an example from Putin: Belarus is preparing to amend the Constitution, writes on Wednesday “Independent newspaper”… Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s message to parliament and the people was perhaps the shortest in history. The President lamented that Russia had changed its fraternal attitude towards Belarus to a partner one, and was offended by the people, who, when they got a little rich, wanted even more.

A common thread through the entire message was Alexander Lukashenko’s favorite thesis in recent months: “We will not give the country to you.” However, from what was said it was not obvious who exactly wants to take it away. The President again mentioned Russian citizens who are now detained in Minsk and whom the authorities call militants. He said that the Belarusian law enforcers treated the detainees “like a human being”, for which they told them that they were not going to fly to any Istanbul, and tickets to this city from Minsk were needed to enter the country. “Don’t listen to lies. They were ordered to wait. They told everything,” Lukashenka said.

The Kremlin was suspected of trying to bring Labor to power: Russian hackers were accused of hacking into the mail of the former British Defense Minister, according to another material of the same editions… The Kremlin, like representatives of Liam Fox, does not comment on this information.

However, there is nothing special to comment on: the Downing Street press service said that an investigation was underway and so far it was inappropriate to make any statements. The hackers allegedly stole documents related to trade negotiations between the US and the UK. They were indeed presented to the public shortly before the December 2019 parliamentary elections. This was done by then-Labor leader Jeremy Corbin at a televised debate and a press conference. He insisted that Boris Johnson’s government was ready to commercialize the National Health Service (NHS), which provides free medical care to the British pride, to please Washington.

Doctors in 2020 topped the rating of dangerous professions, ahead of miners, firefighters and military personnel. This is evidenced by the results of a study of the SuperJob service, published on Wednesday by the news agency RIA Novosti… “Compared to similar studies of previous years, doctors for the first time were in first place in the ranking of hazardous professions: earlier, their work was called the most risky by 2-3% of Russians, today – every fifth,” the article says.

About 20% of Russians considered the profession of a doctor dangerous, 10% are sure that the profession of a miner is the most dangerous profession. 8% of the respondents considered that the most dangerous work is performed by firefighters. In addition, the professions of a driver, a law enforcement officer and a politician gained 4% each. “Fool, what have I done”: Mikhail Efremov admitted that he was driving at the time of the fatal accident, the newspaper writes on Wednesday “TVNZ”… A witness to the fatal accident with the participation of Mikhail Efremov spoke in court. According to him, the actor personally admitted that he was driving a car at the time of the accident.

“Efremov has repeatedly confessed to me that it was he who was driving. He was asked the question:“ Did you drive the vehicle? ”- Yes, me. Did you drink? – Yes, me,” said the traffic police officer Pavel Markiyanov.

According to him, Mikhail Olegovich explained that he was alone in the car. “And eyewitnesses also said that there was no one else in the car,” he said. This alignment of lawyer Elman Pashayev, of course, did not suit, the article says: “Volume one, page 48, testimony of witnesses. There is a discrepancy in the testimony of witness Markiyanov. and where was Mikhail Efremov “.

Military expert Viktor Murakhovsky gave an assessment of what could have happened in the Lebanese capital: “An explosion of 2,000 tons of saltpeter would have wiped out Beirut from the face of the planet, but it seems to have been stolen. more. When they confiscated these thousands of tons a few years ago and stored it, perhaps this amount was stored in the port. But, I think, all the same, the lion’s share of this ammonium nitrate over the past years was simply stolen, ” KP expert words.


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