Israel fears a repeat of the Beirut scenario. Arab Media Review

Syrian agency SANA reports that a state of emergency has been declared in Lebanon. According to the latest information, 135 people became victims of the explosion in the port of Beirut, about 80 are considered missing. The number of victims increased to 5000. A special crisis center has been formed to deal with the consequences of the disaster.

Maan agency reports that according to updated estimates, the damage from the explosion in the port of Beirut could reach $ 15 billion. This was stated by the Governor of the Lebanese capital, Marouane Abboud. He also noted that after the Beirut elevator burned down, Lebanon’s grain reserves will last for less than a month, and there may be a shortage of bread.

Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV claims that the explosion in Beirut has caused panic in Israel. The Israelis fear that the chemical tanks will become time bombs. Deprived of their roots, they are supposedly increasingly thinking about leaving the Palestine they occupied and returning to the countries where their ancestors came from.

The Pan-Arab newspaper Al-Rai al-Yum asks on what basis US President Donald Trump called the Beirut explosion an attack. Editor Abdel Bari Atouan does not exclude that Trump let loose, and traces lead to Israeli and American agents in Lebanon. He recalls that the United States and Israel are ready to do anything to blow up Lebanon from the inside.

The East Jerusalem newspaper Al-Quds writes that French President Emmanuel Macron will be the first foreign leader to visit Lebanon after the explosion. He will inspect the port of Beirut, meet with the president and prime minister, and hold a press conference before flying home.


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