So Hezbollah delivered explosives to Beirut?

“Where there was once a warehouse near the port, there is now only a huge crater. (…) The world asks the question: why were thousands of tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate stored in the port like a time bomb? image shows that the Hezbollah is at least involved in the tragedy, if at all does not bear sole responsibility for it. “

After the ship Rhosus was detained in the port of Beirut, “the owner of the ship disappeared with his money, and the alleged buyers in Mozambique” did not show any movement, “the then captain of the ship Boris Prokoshev told Radio Liberty.

“A suspicion arises: the alleged supply of goods to Africa was only a pretext to deliver explosives to Hezbollah’s reach,” the authors of the article, Mohammad Rabi and Julian Repke, believe.

“The Lebanese firm Majid Shammas & CO., Which is almost the same name as the city of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights conquered by Israel in 1967, offered to buy almost 3 thousand tons of nitrate in early 2014. The company was already secretly selling explosives to the Syrian dictator Assad in 2013. – one of the closest allies of Hezbollah, – the newspaper writes.

“Bild’s customs documents show that in August 2016 and June 2017, two customs directors pressured a Lebanese court to approve the purchase of the substance by a firm apparently close to Hezbollah. documents, it was about “dangerous materials”, “which are stored in a warehouse in inappropriate external conditions.” Second, “the cargo, on the recommendation of the army, can also be sold to the Lebanese company Majid Shammas, specializing in explosives.”

“However, the judge was stubborn. For unknown reasons, he did not answer“ yes ”or“ no. ”One of the insiders said in a conversation with Bild: it may have been an act of civil disobedience to prevent the Hezbollah from taking possession of the explosive substance “.

“It is also known that the judge’s resistance led to the time bomb still being in the port of Beirut and was forgotten over the years. Hezbollah knew that access to 2,750 tons of the substance could be obtained at any time and therefore refrained from further attempts. take it over. “

“However, the Bild investigation shows that terrorists tried to gain access to the highly explosive ammonium nitrate in other ways between 2012 and 2016.”

“Target: to strike at Jewish and Israeli targets around the world. Therefore, between the supply of ammonium nitrate to Beirut and new attempts by terrorists there to take possession of the substance, there is a temporary relationship,” the newspaper claims.

“Just a few weeks ago, Israel killed a member of a terrorist group in Damascus, Syria in a targeted airstrike. Hezbollah had vowed revenge, and Israel was preparing for an emergency on its northern border.”

“The port administration has responded to the terrorist group’s next interest in explosives? This is supported by the fact that the fire in the warehouse allegedly started during welding work on the building gates. Customs officers tried to protect the explosive from theft, local media reported. On Wednesday evening, Lebanese the government has placed several port employees under arrest … “, writes Bild.

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