How did the U.S. expose Russia’s “propaganda and false information ecosystem”

The Americans have exposed the tactical cover-up of Russia’s “fake information campaign” around the world. In fact, the State Department’s actions are aimed at “feeding” the American public with false information and at the same time extorting money from the government. focused.

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Recently, the Center for Global Cooperation under the US State Department released a report on “Fundamentals of Russian propaganda and disinformation ecosystem.” The authors aim to expose Russia’s tactical actions, “so that our partners, allied governments, civil society organizations, academics, the press, and the public around the world can conduct additional analysis and prepare a collective response to disinformation and propaganda.” let them strengthen, ”they explain.

At a glance, everything seems to be done carefully – 75 pages of text, 313 links, graphics and tables. I read this research without hesitation.

He was really progressive. For example, the report says that the Russian government is trying to use the media to promote its position (!) – no doubt this is a genius discovery of the Kremlin and other countries should learn to do the same.

According to another “discovery”, the information published by the Russian state media (for example, the same “Zvezda”) is copied by a number of other publications and then posted on the Internet. spreads. Apparently, the authors are now discovering for themselves the peculiarities of the Internet and the current environment of information (it is not necessary to analyze or verify the information, but to quickly post news and collect views). began to do.

The report’s descriptions of Russia’s major media outlets and their owners are also invaluable to any analyst – because pro-government channels, publications and websites are run by people who support pro-state ideology. That’s all!

I was also surprised to learn that in the English-language elements of the “Russian propaganda ecosystem,” foreign authors who support Russia’s views on the shortcomings of Western foreign policy strategy also come out with their articles. It’s weird!

Finally, for researchers, the central idea of ​​the report is important: any view of Moscow on world issues and any publication of this position is not freedom of speech, but Russian propaganda and lies that obscure the minds of the pious Western population. is an extreme example of the mother.

Of course, it could be said that this very idea alone undermines the scientific value of the report – but the report simply does not have that value.

In essence, all of these 75 pages are nothing more than a stream of consciousness and a list of simple things. The purpose of its publication was also not to expose the overlay, but to materially strengthen Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s request to double funding for the Global Partnership Center. There is no better excuse than the fight against disinformation by Russia and other countries.

Happiness is in the money
It is not surprising, therefore, that Russian politicians and experts have ridiculed and despised the report. The evidence presented in the report was not taken seriously, but rather interpreted as another Russophobic pisanina. At the same time, it was noted that the authors of the report had sufficient grounds to publish it.

For example, Russian lawmaker Sergei Zheleznyak says, “The new portion of the State Department’s Russophobes’ anti-Russian rhetoric in the form of a report shows how frightened American politicians are from alternative views on what is happening in the country and around the world.” RT and Sputnik make less money compared to the largest media outlets in the West – but they have the same (alternative) position.

It may seem to some that there is still freedom of speech in the West, but it is not. On a number of issues (primarily ideological in nature), the American media is reminiscent of Soviet newspapers – they broadcast a single, politically correct point of view.

And in particular – riots organized by blacks and leftists in the United States, the correctness of the destruction of America’s historical heritage, indifference to the presumption of innocence (accusations of harassment by a number of celebrities); let us recall their persecution), as well as such an attitude, which reflected the brutal condemnation of Russia, began to touch the stomachs of Western students. They are looking for an alternative point of view – and they find such views in Russia’s English-language media.

And this is already a serious problem for the United States, because establishing control over the global information space is the foundation of American domination.

Therefore, as stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry, “Washington criticizes any sources of information that disseminate alternative positions to its point of view, trying to silence any voice that contradicts the American approach and guidelines does. ” If criticism doesn’t help, it imposes sanctions (like China’s TikToki), trying to catch them through raiding technology.

Such persecution actually weakens the geopolitical capabilities of the United States. For example, Russia is being used to contain China, as well as to solve other global problems. More and more American experts are urging Washington to take a more pragmatic approach to dialogue with Moscow.

An example of this is the open letter of 103 prominent American experts, including former diplomats and politicians, published in Politico.

But a document like the report of the Center for Global Cooperation of Overseas Opponents can achieve only one goal – to completely disrupt the Russian-American dialogue on global issues and exclude for many years the possibility of overcoming the crisis of mistrust between our countries.“, – said Zheleznyak.



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