Viktor Tyumentsev’s victories “People and Fates”

Victor Tyumentsev is an example of courage, optimism and hard work. All his life he devoted to his favorite work (foreign languages) and sports. At 70, when many are on a well-deserved rest, he does not slow down. Goes to competitions, wins and makes new friends. He said IA «» about myself and revealed the secrets of longevity.

A chidhood dream

“I was born in 1946 in the city of Gorky. When I was one and a half years old, my father, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, took my mother and me to his homeland – to the Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomous District in the Irkutsk Region. There I took up physical education.

When I was in the fifth grade, there were school competitions in cross-country skiing. I ran without sticks, in felt boots. I really wanted to win and finished first. The physical education instructor drew attention to me. Soon I received real ski equipment and began to participate in regional and regional tournaments. In the tenth grade he completed the first sports category. In parallel, he was fond of athletics, developing endurance in himself.

In 1960, Rome hosted the Olympics, in which the Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila won the barefoot marathon race. I, who have always followed the world sports news, found out about this, and also wanted to run a marathon. However, teenagers in our country at that time were not allowed to such competitions. Participated in shorter distance races. For example, at the Buryat sports festival, Surkharban, ahead of the adults, won the 5,000-meter race, ”recalls Viktor Tyumentsev.

Communication with the world

“While still at school, I became interested in English. I grew up in a large family, but my parents found money so that I could get a higher education. He entered the Gorky Institute of Foreign Languages, which trained translators for work in developing countries. In my third year, I was sent to India, where the USSR was building military-industrial facilities. He worked there for a year and returned to college. He learned English and French.

He served in the army for two years. He spent his first year as a military translator in Sudan. While I was on leave at home, there was an attempted coup d’état in this country. I did not return there, but ended up in Kyrgyzstan – in a school where they educated foreign servicemen. Yes, I stayed here. He served, and then worked at the school as a translator and teacher. When the Union collapsed, it cooperated with international organizations and the Asian Development Bank. He was a translator, editor, manager, and teacher. All this time I did not stop training, even abroad: I got up early in the morning and went for a jog on the streets of Berlin, London, Paris …

Taking part in foreign competitions, he made friends from the CIS countries and far abroad. He knew Satymkul Dzhumanazarov, bronze medalist of the 1980 Olympics in the marathon, well. And with a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, photographer and runner Peter Chesnokov, he met many years ago while jogging in Karagacheva Grove.

He completed his first marathon in 1988. It was in Moscow. In the same year, he ran 42 kilometers in Tashkent, fulfilling the second-rate standard. At 42! For joggers, it is considered prestigious to “run out” of three hours. My best result is 2 hours 50 minutes.

A year later I took part in the Tynchtyk-89 marathon – the last one in our capital. He ran after the members of the Kyrgyz national team. I ran in Riga, Ashgabat, Novosibirsk, Almaty … In total, I have 18 marathons, one ultramarathon (60 kilometers) and 57 half marathons (21 km) ”.

Mission to “Manas”

“I worked twice with the American special forces, who came to the Kyrgyz Republic to train local military personnel. In 2001, he was invited to the US base at the Manas airport. For several years he was a translator, and then an adviser to the deputy commander.

My commander (20 years younger than me) was the best runner in the base at distances from 5 to 42 kilometers. He respected me for running the marathon faster than him. On a US base, I have never seen an Air Force officer smoke. “We believe smoking interferes with our career,” the commander told me.

For nine years at the base, I have not missed a single day due to illness. All that I earned, I invested in the education of five children. They now live in America, England, Norway and Russia. All sons know English, and one speaks five languages, ”says Viktor Vladimirovich.

Spirit of victory

“A marathon is difficult. To overcome it, you need not only physical, but also moral preparation. The sporting spirit in me has not dried up. I always try to run as best I can and still often rank first, even competing with younger athletes.

In 2015, he ran six half marathons and won four. Visiting my son in Texas, participated in three runs. Athletics in the United States is extremely popular. With a population of 326 million, there are 42 million officially registered runners. More than three hundred marathons are held annually.

This year I have no fewer starts. The main task is to run the marathon in Astana, scheduled for September 4. I stopped running 42 km 12 years ago. There was no time to devote as much time to training as before. Now I want to prove to myself and others that you can run a marathon even at 70 years old.

In my free time I read books in Russian, English and French. For example, I am interested in the work of the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, who, by the way, is a marathon runner. I collect rock music. I like the English bands Muse, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran and Joe Bonamassa. “

Family wealth

“Back in 1982, I became a member of the Almaz running club. Today there are about 50 people in it. Some run with whole families.

My motto is: “As long as I live, I run. While I run, I live. ” I train five times a week, go to the bathhouse. Tokmak, where I moved from Bishkek, has excellent conditions for athletics. I run into the gorge, on the grass, on the sand. My health is excellent. I do not feel myself for my age, and, as a rule, they give me much less years. Sports activities give health and vitality. I don’t ask my wife, an active cardiologist, for help. In general, she says that she does not have male patients of my age – they do not survive.

I am grateful to my wife for understanding my spending on equipment and traveling to competitions. It is better to spend money on this than on medicines in the future, ”Tyumentsev believes.

“Mother-in-law lives in the capital. She is 87 years old and still works. The wife, who recently stayed with her for the night, says: “I saw that I got up at five in the morning and did exercises. A whole hour. ” It turned out that a few years ago I left a magazine in her apartment describing morning exercises. The mother-in-law studied him and began to do the exercises.

Earlier in the microdistrict some, seeing that I was running, laughed. Over time, followers appeared – among young people and not only. One neighbor, who is in his 70s, smoked, drank and complained of heart problems. I recently met him on a run – cheerful and happy.

So go jogging! It’s never too late to start. “



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