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TripAdvisor, which provides interesting travel information, has released information about the best places in the world to take a tour. This list is compiled every year by user voting. The list of “Travelers Choice 2020 – Best of the Best” includes 25 cities from all over the world. In the top ten, the majority of European cities attract attention.
1) London. Representatives of nations from around the world have been living in the British capital for many years. As such, it sums up the values ​​of different cultures. Historic buildings, famous restaurants, bridges overlooking the Thames River are considered to be the busiest places in the city.
2) Paris. The French capital has topped the list of most visited cities in recent years. The world-famous Eiffel Tower, historic buildings, the Louvre Museum, ancient temples, various cafes and open-air cafes on the banks of the Sena River, which divide the city in two, offer souvenirs to tourists.
3) Critics. The islands in the Mediterranean are captivating to tourists with its beautiful nature, clean beaches, and sunny weather. Crete is considered the most famous of the Greek islands. The island is considered the birthplace of European culture. There are quite a few ancient monuments on the soft sandy island.
4) Bali. The island is one of the leading places on the diversity of wildlife not only in Indonesia, but all over the world. Sailing on a sandy beach, watching underwater creatures, coral reefs, and the wreckage of ships that sank decades ago is a favorite pastime for tourists. Dry forests, historic stone buildings and ornate monkeys leave unique memories for travelers. In Ubud, the capital of the arts, visitors to national dances visit workshops of artisans who have been painting or making silver jewelry that has been around since early times.
5) Rome. It is said that the Italian capital cannot be completed in a single day. The city is reminiscent of an open-air museum. Even if you walk for hours to see the Colosseum complex, the museums, the balcony houses, the open-air markets, and the beautiful sculptures and buildings from each other, you don’t feel how time has passed. The city is also known for its fountains. The history of Rome is known for its tradition of throwing coins into the Trevi fountain. So much money is being thrown in here that they sometimes collect those coins. The money raised raises more than a few of the city’s museums. Guests who have tasted the pastries made by Italian chefs will never forget it.
6) Phuket. On the island of Pessai, in the south of Thailand, the Sunset is a pink color, unlike the rest of the world. Long boats roam their guests among the steep hills. It is even more interesting for guests to ride three-wheeled vehicles on the streets of the same city as the island. There are also opportunities to engage in sports such as surfing, swimming and swimming. The hills and mountains, which are covered with trees far from the sea, leave a lasting impression on the guests.
7) Sicily. The largest island of the Mediterranean is divided by the Strait of Messina with other regions of Italy. There are other large and small islands around Sicily, a mountainous region. In the early days, Greeks, Romans, Normans, Catalans and Byzantines ruled here. The magnificent buildings built by those peoples have survived to the present day. Palermo, the region’s main city, has Byzantine ruins, forts, and other buildings. There are also museums in smaller islands. The city of Agrijento has historical monuments dating back to earlier times.
8) Mallorca. The island, which belongs to Spain, has been hosting its guests since the first days of spring. The island, which has a population of about 900,000, also has an international airport. The old train runs between Palma de Mallorca and other cities, which are considered the main city of the island and the capital of other Balearic Islands. This train trip, which is reminiscent of the early days, allows you to get a closer look at the natural beauties. Performances with dolphins and hawks on the island are considered to be the most popular pastime of vacationers with their families. There are also special places for children to swim on the beach.
9) Barcelona. The city, which is famous for its football, is also one of the most famous places for its unique architectural art. Along with fortresses, monuments and other historical sites, Güell Park is considered one of the most famous places in the world.
10) Istanbul. The city, located at the bottom of the top ten of the list, is located on both sides of the strait dividing Europe and Asia. The city belonged to different states at different times. More historical artifacts, including temples, have been preserved on the so-called historic peninsula of the city. The European side of Istanbul is located south of the Balkan Peninsula. It is famous for its city museums, castle walls, markets, as well as its magnificent seaside buildings and palaces. In the city, at the beginning of the last century, European architects built a variety of buildings, statues, and many other architectural works.
In addition, the list includes Goa (India), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Dominican Republic, Bangkok (Thailand), Hanoi (Vietnam), Prague (Czech Republic), Hoyan (Vietnam), Rhodes (Greece), Cuba, Siem Reap ( Cambodia), Marrakech (Morocco), Lisbon (Portugal), Tokyo (Japan), Kyoto (Japan) and New York (USA).


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