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July 29 of each year is celebrated as International Tiger Day. In 2010, the International Conference on the Protection of Tigers was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, to mark the Day of the Tigers. The purpose of the day is to promote a global system for the protection of the natural habitats of tigers and to increase public awareness and support for tiger protection. Various efforts are now being made around the world to protect these large cats. The tigers are one of three members of the large cat family. There are basically five types of tigers in nature – Amur, Bengal, Indo-Chinese, Malaysian and Sumatran tigers. The size of the Amur tiger (also called the Siberian tiger) ranges from 3.3 meters to the tip of its nose. They weigh between 160-230 kilograms. There are about 4,000 tigers in the wild, living in a total of 13 countries, including China, India, Indonesia and Russia. Tigers are found in tropical forests, grasslands and shrubs where shrubs grow. These predators, which are distinguished by their flexibility and strength, can hunt animals that are 5 times their weight. Since the beginning of the last century, the number of these creatures has decreased significantly. Therefore, efforts are being made to increase their numbers and expand their habitats. It is planned to increase the number of wildlife tigers to 6,000 by 2022.

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In addition to being powerful, tigers are also considered smart hunters. Soft claws and flexible movement allow them to approach the hunt without making a sound. They can run at a speed of 60 km / h in short distances when hunting. Tigers, who live alone, sometimes roam in flocks.


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