The first pilot online programming school has been successfully completed in Tajikistan

18:00, august 6

The first pilot online school of programming JS School has been successfully completed in Tajikistan, which began in early May.

The JS Open School is an online programming education project created by Alif Academy and aims with financial support from the Japan-Central Asia Friendship Association (JACAFA).

“Training was available to everyone, the only requirement was the availability of the Internet and a laptop. For training, aims created an educational platform specifically for students to download training material and upload homework solutions. The course was built around the development of a social network, with the ability to create posts of different types (audio, video, photos), comment, upload files, “said the head of the Alif Academy Zarrina Radjabova.

According to her, homework was checked automatically in a couple of seconds.

“Based on the results of the check, students were given a result with a detailed description of the comments and errors that need to be corrected. If there were no mistakes or comments, the homework was counted, and the student could move on to the next tasks. The number of homework assignments attempts was not limited by anything, which allowed people with different levels of initial training to study. During the work of the school, students who reached the final solved 36 practical problems each based on real problems that they will have to face at work. In total, all students made more than 26,000 attempts, ”says Radjabova.

She noted that during the development, the JS Open School team took into account the technical capabilities of the audience: students were provided with detailed PDF materials with step-by-step explanations instead of videos, because many have limited or low-speed Internet. Also, an agreement was signed with Tcell to provide discounts on Internet packages for using the school’s platform.

“The JS Open School set the task of preparing specialists who are ready to get a job as a programmer or launch their own project (write an IT system). The results of the course showed that we coped with the task. More than 800 applications were accepted for participation in the course. About 400 people started training, and 64 people reached the graduation project. Students have mastered and appreciated the advantages of the distance learning format, ”said the leader.

She stressed that the process of holding the first JS pilot school was not without difficulties.

“In the first week of training, there were many questions from students, as it was difficult for them to deal with the new online system and teaching methodology, but over time, everyone figured it out thanks to the fact that they helped each other. In the second course, which we launched on July 24, the identified shortcomings were corrected and the wishes of the students were taken into account, ”concluded Zarrina Radjabova.

Yusuf Gadoiboev, one of the graduates of the Alif Academy online school, graduated from school this year and is entering a Russian university as a programmer. He shared his impressions of his experience:

“In distance learning, I liked the fact of ensuring the safety of the health of each participant (in connection with the situation with the coronavirus), and at the same time, this type of training was no worse than full-time. The Academy taught me a lot for free, from which I would single out the following:

1) the ability to clarify and take into account all the small details.

2) allocate time correctly.

3) no matter how much you know, the ability and desire to learn new things every day. “

Ilhomjon Buriev graduated from school this year, took 2 courses in parallel at the academy: in backend development in C # and in JS. As a result of the courses, he got a job at Alif Bank as a junior developer and is now busy with tasks in the Alif Mobi mobile wallet development team.

“Distance learning was very convenient for us – both for those who worked and for those who studied at home. We did not waste our time on the road and even more money for the trip. Alif Academy gave me confidence that in the future I can become a professional programmer, ”Ilhomjon said.

Nasim worked as an archivist and independently studied JS, but video tutorials on the Internet did not linger in his head and he quickly forgot what he had watched. On the course, he received what he lacked – practice, feedback and direction. Immediately after completing his studies, he applied for the vacancy of a junior front-end developer at Alif Bank and passed. In July, he already started doing his first tasks in the Alif Tech Uzbekistan project.

“The school made it possible to take the course even when I was working. As a result, I learned how to write clean code in JavaScript, learned how to work with documentation and find answers and solutions on my own. ”- Nasim summed up his training.

Alif Academy ( and JS Open School ( are aimed at organizing accessible education, promoting the development of human resources in the IT sector through educational programs, implementing projects, events and consultations to promote the IT sector in Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries. Alif Academy operates in Dushanbe and Khujand, programming courses have been held since 2017.


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