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In Bishkek 6 August sunny. The air temperature is expected to be +38 degrees. The day decreased to 14 hours 17 minutes.

Blackouts of light, gas, water

  • 9.00-17.00 – Vostok-5 microdistrict, 4/3;
  • 9.00-18.00 – massif “Archa-Beshik” (Sadyrbaeva, Repina, Ken-Suu, Jayila Baatyra streets), Fuchika street;
  • 9.30-14.00 – sections of Khvoynaya and Krymskaya streets;
  • 10.00-18.00 – massif “Dordoi-2” (2nd street), Silk Road street;
  • 9.30-19.00 – stretches of streets Elebesova, Arychnaya, 8 March, Kychana Dzhakypova, Kislovodsky, Fevralsky lanes;
  • 12.00-17.00 – sections of Lermontov, Saliev, Tselinogradskaya streets.
  • 9.00-20.00 – the area bounded by Sadovaya and Valikhanov streets, Chui avenue and the railway line, Uchkun residential area.

Blocked roads

  • section of Tolstoy Street from 7 April Street to Dostoevsky Street; More details
  • a section of the western side of 7 April Street before the intersection with Akhunbaev Street; More details
  • section of Toktogul street between Orozbekov and Panfilov streets. More details

Who is planning to

Zhanybek Kerimaliev

Born on August 6, 1966 in the village of At-Bashi. Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Edil Baisalov

Born on August 6, 1977 in Frunze. Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Memorable dates

International Day “Doctors of the World for Peace”

Celebrated on the anniversary of the terrible tragedy – the day of the bombing of Japanese Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

For over 70 years, every year on August 6 at 8.15, Hiroshima freezes for a minute of silence. Folding their hands at their chest and bowing their heads, the elderly and young Japanese, mothers and children, teachers and officials – all at these minutes are thinking about that terrible day on August 6, 1945, when an atomic bomb was dropped on a peaceful city.

On this day, commemorative events are held in Hiroshima Peace Park, where the Eternal Flame burns in front of the monument to the victims of the bombing with the inscription “Sleep well – the mistake will not be repeated.”

The first internet server appeared

August 6, 1991 became an important and significant day in the life of all users of the World Wide Web – the first Internet server appeared.

The WWW (World Wide Web) project began its existence much earlier – in 1989, when the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who worked at the European Nuclear Research Laboratory, first published his ideas and proposals for the creation of a Worldwide Computer Network. However, detailed development of the project did not begin until a year later, when Berners-Lee gained access to the NeXT computer, which became the first Internet server, browser (web browser) and editor of the Web. Only after that it became possible to translate Berners-Lee’s ideas into reality.

By November 1992, there were 26 servers in the world; by the end of 1993, this figure exceeded 200.

People who changed the world

The Hero of the Soviet Union Cholponbai Tuleberdiev died

Hero of the Soviet Union Cholponbai Tuleberdiev was born on April 13, 1922 in the village of Chimkent.

He arrived at the front in December 1941, and died on August 6, 1942. He closed the embrasure of the enemy bunker with his body, ensuring the capture of a strategic bridgehead for the offensive operation of the 6th Army of the Voronezh Front.

On February 4, 1943, Cholponbai Tuleberdiev was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for his courage and bravery.

A memorial museum has been opened in Kyrgyzstan. A street in Bishkek is named after the warrior. His bust is installed on the Alley of Heroes on Molodaya Gvardiya Boulevard in the capital. In the village of Selyavnoye, Voronezh region, where the hero died, a monument was erected to him.

State official died West Salieva

Batysh Salieva was born on July 1, 1922 in the village of Taldy-Suu, Tyup region (Issyk-Kul region).

She was twice elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, headed the commission on health and social security of the Council of Nationalities of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, for 25 years was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Kyrgyz SSR, was an honorary member of the Council of Veterans of the trade union movement of Central Asia.

She died on August 6, 2015.

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