A Tatarstan company will build an alpine skiing track at Avaza | Society

A Tatarstan company will build an alpine skiing track at Avaza
15.02.2010 18:25

BALKAN VELAYAT, 15 February – IP “TURKMENinform”. A Tatarstan engineering company IED – Holding (Integrated Energodevelopment) will realize construction of an all-year sports complex with alpine skiing track and ice skating-rink on the Caspian seacoast at the Avaza National tourist zone in Turkmenistan. The new complex is to embrace also a medical and health resort centre, hotels, business centre, entertainment facilities for holding different show activities and holidays. The skiing track will host regional and international contests, trainings for sportsmen as well as provide equipment rentals and training courses under the direction of experienced instructors. Besides, there will appear a museum of water and the Centre of art and culture of Tatarstan.

Construction will start after carrying out all the necessary design and survey works and will be conducted under Japanese project with application of modern hi-tech building materials and equipment and keeping all the international safety standards.

IP “TURKMENinform”


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