Mass vaccination against coronavirus will begin in Moscow on September 5

Foto: EPA/Vostock-photo
The first coronavirus vaccine developed in Russia, Sputnik V, will be launched in Moscow on September 5. For this purpose, the vaccine will be delivered to city hospitals and clinics by the end of the working week, ie by September 5. This vaccine is part of a phase 3 trial of the vaccine carried out.

Everything is going according to plan. Screening of volunteers will continue on September 3-5, they must submit all analyzes. Therefore, vaccination will begin only on September 5”Said Alexander Ginsburg, director of the Gamaleya Center, which developed the vaccine.

On August 26, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin invited Moscow residents to take part in the Sputnik V test and get vaccinated. Those wishing to take part in the protests are invited to submit an application on the portal of the Moscow government and the mayor. A total of 40,000 volunteers over the age of 18 who were not infected with the coronavirus and had no health problems were recruited to participate in the trials. They undergo screening before vaccination, i.e. submit the necessary analyzes and undergo specialist consultation.

Volunteers will be under constant medical supervision using telemedicine technology for half a year after vaccination. Some vaccines are provided with bracelets that measure body temperature and blood pressure.



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