the Ministry of Health and Hamza are considering the possibility of introducing a sanitary “curfew”

According to the Kan-11 TV channel, at the next meeting of the ministerial cabinet on the fight against coronavirus, which is scheduled for Thursday, September 3, the Ministry of Health will insist on imposing restrictions on movement in the “red cities”.

According to sources in the Ministry of Health, the head of this department, Julius Edelstein, will support the introduction of additional restrictions in cities with a high incidence of disease.

According to the TV channel, the Ministry of Health and the coordinator of the fight against the epidemic, Professor Ron Gamzu, are also considering a contingency plan in case the ministers do not support the introduction of complete quarantine in the “red” zones. In particular, they intend to propose to introduce a “sanitary curfew”, which will be in effect from the evening until 5:00.

In addition, on Sunday, September 1, the Ministry of Health included Bnei Brak in the list of “red” cities according to the “Traffic Light” system. However, since this decision was made after the main list of “red” cities was published, educational institutions and yeshivas will continue to operate in Bnei Brak in the coming days.

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