“Oligarch” of the Russian scene Shnurov overtook the “pop king” Kirkorov in wealth

The leader of the Leningrad group Sergei Shnurov topped the rating of Russian show business stars with high incomes according to Forbes… “Oligarch” among domestic artists, as experts call him, together with his team, earns an average of $ 150 thousand for a private concert or corporate party.

Forbes has calculated the total amount of royalties paid to artists from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020, taking into account only the income earned by the stars through the exploitation of their talent. The publication notes that the incomes of all participants in the rating would have been higher by an average of 12.5%, if not for the ban on holding mass events in connection with the pandemic.

The magazine estimates Shnurov’s income at $ 8.8 million. One of the Russian billionaires, in an interview with Forbes, claimed that the musician earns from 300 thousand dollars for a performance. Moreover, wealthy customers can invite Shnurov directly, without agents.

“A dubious achievement to be the first in this amusing race, – commented Shnurov RTVI… – Nevertheless, I believe that I overtook everyone because of the fear that someone from this pop company would still overtake me from behind. And so he ran the fastest. “

In second place in the top 20 richest Russian stars was Yegor Creed, who managed to earn $ 6.9 million, despite leaving the Black Star label, which is co-founded by Timati. Creed is the son of businessman Nikolai Bulatkin, the owner of Russia’s largest nut processing factory. He is also friends with billionaire Boris Rotenberg and his wife.

The third place in the ranking went to Dima Bilan, who earned $ 6.8 million. The fourth is rapper Basta ($ 6.6 million). In one of the interviews, the musician called himself a “rap merchant”. Basta is the founder of the Gazgolder creative association, which includes a music label, an art bureau, a club, restaurants and bars, a branded clothing store, as well as the owner of the SKA football club from Rostov-on-Don. He also has a number of advertising contracts.

The pop king Philip Kirkorov, who two years ago ranked second in the Forbes rating, has now dropped to fifth with the same income as Basta. In sixth position is Polina Gagarina, who earned $ 6.4 million. Like other colleagues, she starred in commercials. The top ten also includes the Bi-2 group ($ 6 million), Grigory Leps ($ 5.3 million), Timati and TV presenter Ivan Urgant ($ 5.1 million each).

The second ten of the top 20 were Sergey Zhukov from the Hands Up group ($ 5 million), Nikolai Baskov ($ 4.5 million), Sergey Lazarev, Alexander Revva, Ksenia Sobchak ($ ​​4.4 million each), Dmitry Nagiyev ($ 4, 3 million), Stas Mikhailov ($ 3.6 million), Maxim Galkin ($ 3.4 million), Valery Meladze ($ 3.2 million), Zivert ($ 3.1 million).


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