10-volume book with Abai’s works translated into different languages gets published | Kazakhstan News: Latest news on Kazakh TV

A collection of Abai’s works in 10 volumes dedicated to the 175th birth anniversary of the great Kazakh poet was published. The book includes poems and prose of Abai Kunanbaiuly translated into Russian, English, French and German. The authors of the translations say that the readers will be able to understand Abai’s philosophy, the worldview of a person who sincerely cared for his people, and of course, to  get into the depth of thought of the steppe sage, his high spirituality and morality. There is no doubt that even in the 21st century the ideas of the great philosopher remain relevant for all mankind.


The book’s volume nine called ‘A Word about Abai’ is entirely devoted to the statements about him by famous poets, writers, scientists, and religious leaders of different countries.  This is a vivid evidence that the world of Abai is a spiritual value shared by all mankind.


“Abai’s breath, Abai’s voice, Abai’s intonation is the breath of time, the breath of the people. Today his voice, while reviving, expands and merges with our voices,” said Mukhtar Auezov. This quote was also included in the ninth volume of the book.


In the near future, the Abai International Club will publish a facsimile of the works of the great Kazakh poet and philosopher.


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