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Kazakhstan introduced temporary restrictions on the import and transit of poultry and food products from Russia, effective August 4. This is due to the detection of the H5N8 subtype of the Influenza A virus in the Chelyabinsk region of the neighboring country. According to Kazakh Agriculture Ministry, the recent detection of the genetic material of the avian influenza virus in the region was reported by the Chelyabinsk Department of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision. The report stated that all samples taken from the corpses of birds contained a dangerous influenza virus of H5N8 subtype. Experts say that all species of birds are receptive to it. Therefore, this highly contagious, acute viral disease can infect agricultural, synanthropic and wild birds, causing mass coverage of the bird population.

“In order to preserve epizootic well-being on the territory of Kazakhstan, the Veterinary Control and Supervision Committee of Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture introduced temporary restrictions effective from August 4, 2020, on the import and transit from Chelyabinsk region of live poultry, hatching eggs, down and feathers, poultry meat and all types of poultry products that did not pass thermal processing, feed and feed additives for poultry (with the exception of feed additives of chemical and microbiological synthesis), hunting trophies that have not undergone taxidermy treatment (gamebird), as well as already used equipment for keeping, slaughtering and cutting poultry,” the statement says.


Despite the fact that according to scientists the H5N8 subtype is considered to be the least pathogenic to humans, it mutates quickly and can become deadly, especially if a person is sick with another type of flu.  Thus, the epizootic situation in the border regions of the country is now under special control by the veterinary services of the regions.


The north-western regions of Kazakhstan found themselves at risk due to avian influenza detected in Russia.



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