the bears lifted the boy Nikita to death

The Investigative Committee of the Russian city of Sochi is investigating a tragedy that took place earlier this week in the village of Dagomys, Lazarevsky District, where brown bears held in an open-air cage at the local Equestrian Sports Complex pulled up an 11-year-old schoolboy named Nikita to death.

Writes about this on Thursday, August 6, British tabloid The Daily Mail.

According to eyewitnesses, the child climbed over a two-meter metal mesh fence separating the enclosure with two bears, began to tease the animals, waving a stick in front of them, and then tried to take a selfie.

“He opened the gate, entered and hit the bear’s paws with a stick to show the girls watching him how cool he is,” the publication quotes a witness to the tragedy.

The bears were furious – they dragged the boy into a hole dug under the cage inside the fence and began to throw him at each other like a ball. The girls screamed, an employee of the complex came running to the cry and shot the animals, but the boy could not be saved.

The owners of the zoo, where the killer bears were kept, are conducting an investigation to determine if the incident involved criminal negligence.


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