the current number of infected during the day has hardly changed

On the morning of Friday, August 7, the Israeli Ministry of Health presented new data on the coronavirus epidemic. Judging by the published official data, in total, since the beginning of the pandemic, 80,431 infected have been identified in the country (+1917 per day). Currently, 24,577 (+1) people are infected. 55274 (1912) recovered from the coronavirus. 578 patients died (+9).

776 sick in hospitals (+8), the rest are sick at home or in specially equipped rooms of hotels. The condition of 374 patients is assessed by doctors as serious (+29), 106 of them are connected to ventilators (+6). The condition of 151 patients is moderate, the rest of the disease is mild.

Israel’s test-to-population ratio is one of the highest in the world. Over the past day, 28382 tests were carried out.

Most of the infected with coronavirus are currently in the following cities: Jerusalem (3779), Bnei Brak (1907), Tel Aviv-Jaffa (1161).

More than 77% of those infected are under the age of 50.

The age of the deceased: 19-100 years. Most of the deaths from COVID-19 are among the residents of Jerusalem and Bnei Brak. For several months, the Ministry of Health has not provided detailed information on those who died from coronavirus disease.

The mortality rate of COVID-19 in Israel is one of the lowest in the world – 0.7%. In the list of countries with high mortality rates from COVID-19, Israel is in 49th place. See details

With constantly updated information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health (Hebrew).

The Ministry of Health again published two reports on the coronavirus this morning. The first appeared on the official website of the ministry at about 7:50 am with the time being 6:46. The second morning report of the Ministry of Health, prepared by 11:10 am, was released on the official website at 11:25 am (our editors were guided by it). Note that since July 29, on the coronavirus reports page on the official website of the Israeli Ministry of Health, a window with “terms of use” opens, which, in particular, says that “the state of Israel and / or the Ministry of Health are not responsible for errors in information.” …


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