VZGLYAD / More than 10 people became victims of fire in the Czech Republic :: News of the day

In Bohumín, Czech Republic, 11 people, including three children, were killed in a fire in a multi-storey building, police spokesman Lukas Popp said.

“According to the updated data, 11 people became victims of today’s fire in a 13-storey residential building in Bohumin. Three adults and three children who lived in the apartment in which the fire started, as well as five people from one of the apartments on the 12th floor, who jumped down from the windows, were killed, ”a law enforcement official quotes RIA Novosti.

Bohumin’s deputy head Tgor Bruzl said that arson had not been ruled out yet.

A resident of the house, Karin Shipkova, stated that the police detained a man who claimed that he had started a fire.

It is noted that in terms of the number of victims, the fire in Bohumin is the largest since 1990.


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