April 16 at Suzie Wong tribute concert of the group “Kinochronika


Producer center “Image” presents! April 16, 19-00 at the Suzie Wong club, a long-awaited concert for fans of Viktor Tsoi and the Kino group. Russia’s only tribute to the group “KINO” at the intersection of music and theatre! The tribute “Kinochronika” from the city of St. Petersburg masterfully and in the smallest detail recreates the concert of V. Tsoi and “KINO”, the legendary band, on whose work more than one generation has grown up and whose songs remain incredibly popular to this day!

For 3 years of its activity, the group “KINOchronika” deservedly gained a reputation as one of the highest quality and professional tribute bands.

Always 100% live sound, the skill of the musicians, the amazing sound of the guitar, and the charisma of the vocalist conquer the audience from the first minutes, returning the audience to the days of the stadium concerts of Viktor Tsoi and the KINO group. The group’s program is based on songs from the albums “Blood Type”, “A Star Called the Sun”, “The Last Hero” and “Black Album”. “Kinochronika” gives the audience the happiness to hear the live sound of their favorite compositions, as if at a concert of “those very KINOS”, to feel sincere love and real energy!

All musicians are selected according to their type and external resemblance to the musicians of gr. MOVIE. Tools, costumes and even accessories as a result of meticulous efforts are fully consistent with the original. Professionally staged scenes of all the artists on stage and video framing of the concert. And the main character is so deeply immersed in the image of Viktor Tsoi, so identically conveys all the movements, voice and manner of vocals, that there is an illusion of a real presence at the concert of the legend!

Composition of the group:

Ilya Nikolaev (V. Tsoi) – vocals, guitar

Andrey Pavlov (Yu.Kasparyan) – solo guitar

Anton Shumilin (I.Tikhomirov) – bass guitar

Pavel Lobachevsky (G. Guryanov) – drums

The atmosphere of an unforgettable time travel in the era of the 90s awaits you. “Newsreel” – their performance must be seen at least once! Tickets on the Kassir.rg website for information by phone: 0500 999947, 0557 74 7999.



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