Investigative Journalism: Reborn from the Dead

On the fact of Leonid Demyashev’s appeal from Kazakhstan to the editorial office of the Tochikiston newspaper, we conducted our own investigation, following Demyashev’s request, in an expedited manner.

Reborn from the dead

The editorial staff of the newspaper “Tajikistan” tracked down a missing migrant who left to work in Russia 18 years ago. I found his relatives, who considered their son dead long ago, proving to the relatives that their son is alive and well.

The phone rang.

– Is this the editorial office of “Tajikistan”? The Russian man asked.

-Yes …

– My name is Leonid Demyashev, I am calling from Kazakhstan, from the city of Atyrau. I was told that your newspaper enjoys prestige in your Republic and among your readers it is popular, so I am calling you with a request: to help me.

– Thank you, we listen to you,

– I would like to tell you about the fate of one of your compatriots, whom the labyrinths of fate brought to my house for 15 long years …

According to Leonid Demyashev:

Several years ago, while walking around the city, I saw a man unconscious on the sidewalk. He was beaten, covered in blood, unconscious and without documents. I called the police. The policeman searched the pockets of the unfortunate man, but did not find any documents proving his identity. Then he looked at me and said, “He’s still alive. We’ll take him to the hospital. ” I agreed. My sister is a psychiatrist. My wife is also a doctor in this hospital, a relative is a specialist in infectious diseases in an infectious diseases hospital. That is, our family is rich in doctors.

I took the beaten man to the hospital, there were no documents with him, so the responsibility for him was registered in my name.

After examining the unfortunate, the doctors concluded: “The man lost consciousness as a result of a strong blow to the head.”

I could not ignore the fate that befell this man, whom I had been courting for several days. Consciousness returned to him, but he could not remember anything, not even his first and last name. Grief also visited my family in life, but we coped with difficult times, helping each other in everything. Based on the situation, our family decided not to leave a stranger in trouble to take care of him and help him restore health.

After he was discharged from the hospital, I put him in a dacha and named him Bach. My wife is a good cook, our whole family fed the patient, convincing him that if he eats well, he will soon get better. He, a little stronger, and slowly began to move on all fours. The time of treatment, rehabilitation and recovery of my ward’s health continued under the supervision of “family doctors”. So 15 years passed.

A few days ago Baha told me that his memory was returning, he remembered his name: “My name is Boborajab Javliev, I was from Yakumi Mai Street, I lived in Dushanbe,” Baha told me.

Having heard this good news, I started searching the Internet for telephone numbers in Tajikistan. First, I went to the Sogd regional newspaper, asked for help, they answered: –

“We are a regional edition, and the best edition in our country is the newspaper“ Tajikistan ”- we will contact them and tell you the contact numbers,” they said. And after a while they gave me the telephone number of the editorial office of “Tajikistan”. I got through, they listened to me and assured us that they would provide all possible help …

The search for the Javlievs began

The fate of Boborajab deeply touched the compassionate staff of the editorial office, everyone joined in the search for his relatives and friends.

We decided to find Yakumi Mai Street in Dushanbe, which turned out to be renamed back in the 90s and is now called Gafur Guloma Street.

A group of journalists from the newspaper “Tajikistan” went in search of this street and relatives, if they still live at this address.

Some of the houses on this street have been demolished and replaced with new ones. We went into houses along this street, asking the residents about the Dzhavliev family, but no one remembered such neighbors. The idea – to publish a photo of Boborajab in the newspaper, was not crowned with success, Leonid Demyashev could not send the photo to the editorial office.

We turned to our Kazakh colleagues for help. The chief editor of “Ak Jayk” Ainur Saparova forwarded the photo of Boborajab to the editorial office, for which we are immensely grateful to her.

In the end, Boborajab himself helped, he remembered the name of his father and mother – Dzhavliyev Saifullo, Dzhavliev Halima, – said Leonid.

At the next stage of the search, we contacted the Information Bureau of the reference expert service of the city of Dushanbe. The head of the service, Khairullo Karimov, after a while provided us with information about the Javliev family and their place of residence: Rudaki district, Qibla jamoat.

Having received weighty information about the Javliev family, we went to the indicated address. The villagers surrounded us, speaking very kind words about the Javliev family. Grandfather Sayfullo, well known in the village of Kiblai, he is a hardworking, wealthy and very kind person, besides, he, the father of 8 sons and 3 daughters, is an honest man, everyone respects him, to this day, he works tirelessly hands, – said the inhabitants of Qibla, escorting us to the house of the Javlievs.

The uninvited guests, that is, we, were warmly greeted by the Javliev family, no one asked us: “What brought you to us, why did you come to us?” We were simply invited into the house, seated on soft kurpachi, covered the dastarkhan with abundant treats, and then the conversation began.

How do you live, grandfather Ozodi ?, – we asked a question, – the old man replied: – “Thank God, it’s normal, I live and work. Only after the appearance of the coronavirus, I turned into a householder, now I work in the field, I can not sit around. I am 78 years old, but I cannot do without work – work ennobles a person and prolongs his life. Remember this, young man, this is what the sages say, they don’t throw words to the wind – this is a proven truth ”.

Grandpa, do you have children? – Of course there is, – the gray-haired old man answered, – all adults, all the guys are married, and the daughters are married. We have a big family, we live together, helping each other in everything, – said the old man. Suddenly an old woman appeared, the owner’s wife.

The gray-haired man nodded his head. The old woman entered the house, sat down next to listen to a conversation about children. When they started talking about Boborajab, the gray-haired man said bitterly:

“I don’t know if he is alive or not, he left home to work 18 years ago and disappeared. We searched for him for a long time, but we did not know anything about his fate. If he was killed, then his killer is unknown to us, – said the man, dropping heavy eyelids. My son was doing great. He was married, he had two children, in 2003 he was in Tula, he wanted to buy a car, but disappeared … My eldest sons are now in Russia, but their search was fruitless.

Boborajab’s mother told me that my daughter-in-law was patiently waiting for her husband, Boborajab, from Russia, but he did not return. We help our daughter-in-law, take care of the children, bought her a piece of land, built a house, decided to help her return her eldest son from the Army, indicating a good reason for this decision, but we were refused. The other day I came to the office for documents, and a serviceman said to me: “You know, aunt, your son Boborajab died of coronavirus,” the woman cries with bitter tears.

Don’t cry, don’t cry, we have good news for you, your son Boborajab is alive! Here is a photo of him, do you recognize your son?

-Yes, yes, – this is our son, alive … – tears of joy rolled down the cheeks of his father and mother. We gave the phone number where Boborajab now lives, the connection was restored, the conversation between the relatives took place …

Kindness has no borders or nationalities

Leonid Demyashev, with whom Boborajab lived for 15 years, says that Boborajab’s return to his homeland is possible: his memory is fully restored, he does not see any negative manifestations, at present, this guy is a completely healthy person, and that’s it. said, – the doctor assured.

This year, says Leonid, compatriots visited Boborajab. No, I am not against communicating with fellow countrymen, but the main thing is that communication should be useful for my ward, without any self-interest and incomprehensible intentions. The men they knew promised Boborajab a job at a construction site, but, in fact, wanted to use him as a cheap labor force. I objected and categorically refused their proposal.

I always got along with Baha, took care of him and took care of him like my own son. My desire is the restoration of Bach’s documents and his return to his homeland. I want him to always be in the circle of his relatives, friends and acquaintances, to feel the care and love of his relatives and, of course, not to forget us either.

Thus, the missing person was found 18 years ago in Kazakhstan. At the request of Leonid Demyashev, the employees of the Tojikiston newspaper found relatives, lost in time and space, Boborajab Dzhavliev. Elderly parents are happy, they have found their child, with whom they expect a long-awaited meeting.

Boborajab hopes for a speedy return to the parental home, but his piece of heart will forever remain in the halo of Alexey Demyashev, whose family has been treating and restoring Boborajab for 15 years. Kindness – it has no borders or nationalities.

Upon completion of the search activities, the Embassy of Tajikistan in Kazakhstan must take part in the return of Boborajab to Tajikistan.

The day is not far off when the weekly “Tajikistan” will report on the return of Boborajab to his homeland.

Odil Nozir,

Nelly Deinarovich,



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