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Ibrahimhalil Yoldoshev I am not afraid of competition, there is a big difference between Uzbek and Russian football, interview

As you know, the national team of Uzbekistan led by Srechko Katanes will play an international friendly match against Cameroon and Costa Rica in South Korea during this training camp. Before these debates, with the opinions of “White Wolves” defender Ibrahimhalil Yoldashev we were interested.

– How is the training of the national team? Tired of training?
– The training camp is going well, everything is great as always. I am overwhelmed by the preparation process.

– Players like Nasrullayev and Sayfiyev were called in your line. How do you feel about competing with them?
– I am not afraid of competition. As long as the player improves his performance despite the competition, that is enough. I believe that there should be healthy competition. If he plays to pass someone, the player breaks quickly or his level of play goes down.

– How do you assess the chances of the match with two World Cup participants?
– We are preparing well now. We started training yesterday. We looked at the games of Cameroon. We tried to analyze each line. The coach explained how we should play in defense and attack. Inshallah, we will try to justify the trust of the fans.

– What do you think of Katanets’ opinion that more attention should be paid to defense?
– True, Catanes is paying more attention to defense. He mentioned that he saw my games in “Nizhny Novgorod” and the mistakes I was making there. He asked me to do more in defense. I am positive about it. A coach knows better about such things.

– Do you see yourself in the Kapadze team or do you want to focus on the national team?
– Of course, I could play in that team. Due to my injury, I missed the Asian Cup among players under the age of 23. It should be like that.

Timur Kapadze invited me to Olympic training before the MTJ meeting. 1-2 days before the meeting I was told to go to MTJ. But Kapadze initially included me in his team.

– You were included in the symbolic team of the tour in Russia twice. You have taken an important place in the club’s main team. What can you say about the plans for this season?
– I scored my first goal last season. I managed to score this year as well. I feel that my confidence has increased. I was able to get along better with my partners in Russia. Inshallah, I will play better and try to score goals in the next rounds.

It should be noted that this season we are participating in the RPL better than the previous one. By the 10th round, we were able to collect more points than last year. Our coach is able to tell us the right words and is doing everything he can to help us climb to the top.

– You have adapted well to RPL. What do you think is the difference between Uzbekistan and Russian football?
– They asked a lot about it. There is a huge difference between the football of the two countries. The reason is that Russia is still one of the European countries. The championship is also very strong. Not only the legionnaires, but also local players are at a high level. There is also a difference in terms of organization. I do not mean to say that the Uzbekistan Championship is bad. But still, when I moved to Russia, it became clear that there was a big difference.

– This season you are acting in a new image. Is this an imitation of a football player?
– No, no. This is not an imitation of any player. I wouldn’t even call it style. I just grew my hair according to the sunnah. I didn’t grow my hair out of lust for someone.

Jalaluddin Qabiljanov spoke


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