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Almaz Atambaev: we will go all the way

Yesterday at 11.00, the leader of the Social Democratic Party Almazbek Atambayev, two hours before the start of the peaceful march, which was supposed to start from the Kok-Jar fork and move to Ala-Too Square, urgently called a press conference.
His first words were: are there any journalists representing the Russian media in the hall? Unfortunately, there were none, although the information he was going to communicate was primarily addressed to them. For our Russian colleagues most tendentiously, not much different from the pro-regime KTR, reflect on Russian channels the latest events in the south of the republic, and in the country as a whole. The people who supported the opposition’s demands for the president’s resignation were presented from Moscow to the whole world as a bunch of extremists, adventurers and busters.
– Today we are holding a large meeting and a peaceful procession. People are so inclined that they will not leave the square, ”A. Atambayev said. – Yesterday there were sharp personnel changes, they were caused by the fact that the previous leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs refused to hand out weapons to police officers, to use them against peaceful citizens of the republic. The attorney general’s resignation came after he refused to issue warrants for the arrest of opposition leaders. Therefore, our president put his fellow countryman Dushebaev in the chair of the Minister of Internal Affairs, who will stop at nothing. Already yesterday, weapons were issued to the special forces, the riot police. But the most alarming thing is that these people were gathered and warned: depending on the situation, they can use weapons against civilians.
And the Prosecutor General, when I called him yesterday to congratulate him on his appointment, and expressed the hope that he would not violate the law, answered me this way: tomorrow he himself will personally remove six thousand athletes, and they will kill the opposition. We will not leave anyone behind. You see, such things were said by the attorney general!
As far as I know, more than a thousand pieces of military weapons have already been issued. We fear that at least one of them may fire. Our mafia authorities will do anything to provoke a massacre in Bishkek. I was a few days ago at the Russian Embassy and told the diplomats everything that I had accumulated. Some Russian politicians and the media are behaving extremely irresponsibly. How can one assess otherwise the speeches of Russian politicians who say that today there are Islamic extremists in Kyrgyzstan and that it is necessary to help Akaev with troops?
According to Atambayev, the special forces, which were sent to Jalal-Abad and Osh to beat up the protesters, specially selected children of Slavic nationality. In order to spread the rumor among the population that Russia allegedly sent the Alpha group to us to beat all the Kyrgyz. The workers of “Kyrgyzavtomash” said that district police officers go to their homes and warn people, they say, the Kyrgyz will slaughter the Russians, so do not go to the square. This is despite the fact that during the 15 years of Akayev’s rule, 80 percent of Russians left the country. Nowadays it is quite rare to see foreigners in state institutions.
Another message from Atambayev caused alarm among journalists: the gangsters of the newly-made deputy Surabaldiev, who broke the legs of businessman Vorobyov and took away the car market from him, placed trucks with stones around the city that could fly into the columns of demonstrators and cause fights.
In conclusion, the opposition leader warned that if, God forbid, blood is shed, it will be on the conscience of the rotten government.
Larissa Lee.
Photo by Vladimir Voronin.

P.S. As subsequent events showed, Almaz Atambayev was right. Indeed, on the square, when protesters with banners appeared there, groups of Surabaldiev youths began throwing stones and granite fragments at them, provoking clashes and fights. But the provocateurs were driven out and neutralized.

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