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According to the website of Nur-Sultan Mayor’s Office, more than 40 photos of health workers fighting coronavirus appeared on the streets of the Kazakh capital. The photographs of Tursyn Raida, Dauren Moldazhanov, Marina Makiyenko, Gaisa Nurgaliyev, Zhazira Nubin and other doctors were depicted on the billboards of Nur-Sultan, campaign initiators said. The campaign aimed at expressing gratitude to the health workers for their hard work.


In total, nearly 5,000 doctors are involved in the fight against COVID-19 in Kazakhstan.


“To date, the dedication and professionalism of our doctors cannot be overrated. For already several months, people in white coats have been at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. For weeks they live apart from their families and friends and cannot see their children, wives and husbands, fathers and mothers. In addition, fighting for human lives, every day they face the pain and suffering of their compatriots. Thanks to our doctors and their dedicated work, many welcomed their mothers, fathers, wives and husbands back home after recovery. Their work was appreciated by the state and received with great gratitude by the people of Kazakhstan,” Nur-Sultan Mayor’s Office said.



Photo: baigenews.kz


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