Monitoring groups detect over 30 cases of medicine overpricing in Nur-Sultan | Kazakhstan News: Latest news on Kazakh TV

More than 30 cases of selling medicines at increased prices were detected by monitoring groups during inspections of pharmacies in the Kazakh capital, the Head of Pharmaceutical Control Division of the Department for Quality Control and Safety of Goods and Services of Nur-Sultan Assiya Moldimanova said to Kazakh TV. She stated that the violations were recorded in the period from July 9 to August 3.

“During the investigation of such cases, we found out that many drugs had not been registered and had been prohibited for use in Kazakhstan. In such cases, according to Part 3 of the Article 426 of the Code of Administrative Offences, a report is drawn up and the material is sent to a specialized inter-district economic court for consideration. In the course of the examination, individuals who were engaged in illegal business activities were identified. They were selling medicines illegally,” Moldimanova explained.

She added that after the inspection body issued the warning, there were cases of repeated overcharges in three pharmacies in the Kazakh capital. Moldimanova said that their activities will be suspended for a period of one to six months. She stated that during the work of the monitoring teams in Nur-Sultan, four cases of illegal sale of medicines and medical products were revealed.

“Under the legislation of Kazakhstan, medical masks must be registered in the State Register of Medicines and Medical Products and must have a safety and quality assessment. Each individual entrepreneur must have a permit for the retail sale of medical products. It is not allowed to sell medical products in grocery stores, only in pharmacies that are licensed for retail sale and have a coupon-notification of retail sale of medical products,” Moldimanova said.

The monitoring groups include representatives of the Department for Quality Control and Safety of Goods and Services, Police Department and Economic Investigations Department. On a daily basis, they are fighting the unjustified overpricing of medicines, which are necessary not only for the treatment, but also for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.





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