The Kazakh Interior Ministry claims that the beaten man in the video is someone named Uburov, not the pianist Ruzakhunov. But the musician was identified by his relatives

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan is trying to convince that it was not a Kyrgyz musician who was detained, beaten and accused of pogroms, but another person.

Kazakhstani publics have published a message from the Ministry of Internal Affairs denying the detention of Kyrgyz pianist Vikram Ruzakhunov.

The department claims that a certain Zakir Uburov, born in 1990, was detained.

Only now the relatives of the pianist Vikram Ruzakhunov identified the musician in the video with the beaten man, who is being passed off as a pogromist from Kyrgyzstan. They recognized him not only by his bruised face, but also by his voice and other distinctive features.

In addition, the beaten man in the video says that he flew in on January 2 – Ruzakhunov went to Almaty to perform on January 2. Then his mother accompanied him to the airport.

Kyrgyz musicians also recognized their colleague.

In the video "Khabar 24" they try to pass off a famous jazzman as an unemployed person who was paid to fly to Almaty and promised to pay 15 thousand soms (90,000 tenge or 200 dollars) for participation in the pogroms.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan promised to deal with the situation and study the circumstances of the detention of a Kyrgyz citizen who went to Almaty to speak.


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