Family of 35 members cast their votes in N Kazakhstan region: 19 March 2023, 14:37


PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM A family of 35 members cast their votes today in Baiterek village of Kyzylzhar district, North Kazakhstan region, Kazinform reports.

Children dressed in traditional Kazakh clothes arrived at polling station No 276 together with adults.

The Khudaibergens have been living in Baiterek after returning to the historical motherland in 2011. Head of the family, 63-year-old Ussen Khudaibergen says the North Kazakhstan region welcomed them with snowstorms, but they got used to them quickly.

«The blizzards did not scare us. This is our motherland . Although we were born in Uzbekistan, we are Kazakhs. I have six children and 17 grandchildren. My relatives, brothers, co-parents-in-law — a 65 people in total – live here, in different villages of the North Kazakhstan region. I always cast my vote at the polls. It’s my duty,» he said.

62 ballot stations are operating across Kyzylzhar district. 31,579 rural residents are entitled to cast their votes.







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