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Friday, 30 September, 2022

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The General Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case against the military and residents of Kyrgyzstan

20:10, today

This agency said that Kyrgyzstan started a border conflict according to a preliminary plan.

Following the end of the border conflict, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Tajikistan initiated a criminal case against a group of military personnel and citizens of Kyrgyzstan with charges of aggressive war, murder of two or more people, intentional violation of international human rights norms and sabotage.

In the statement of the prosecutor’s office, which was published on the official website of this institution on the evening of September 22, it is said that the Kyrgyz military personnel used military equipment and firearms of various brands, including drones, in order to disrupt the independence, territorial integrity of Tajikistan and usurp the country’s territory. border checkpoints of the border troops of the Republic of Tajikistan and populated villages located in the cities and districts of Isfara, Konibodom, Bobojan Gafurov, Jabbor Rasulov and Lakhsh carried out an armed attack.

This agency said that Kyrgyzstan had planned an aggressive war in advance with the aim of seizing the territory of Tajikistan and placed a large number of heavy ground and air military equipment and a large number of military personnel in the border areas.

“More than 140,000 local border residents moved from their homes to other areas in advance, and at once made an armed attack on 4 cities and districts of Tajikistan, deliberately, in violation of international human rights norms, to civilian areas, such as educational institutions, mosques, hospitals, cars ambulances, women, children and civilians were hit with deadly blows,” the statement said.

This organization has increased, as a result, hundreds of military personnel and civilians have suffered various injuries and dozens of people have died. A lot of damage was done to citizens’ residences, important public and state facilities, and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Tajikistan.

“Therefore, by the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Tajikistan against a group of military servicemen and citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic with access to part 2 of article 395 (starting or waging an aggressive war), part 2 of article 104 (murder of two or more persons, including related to the execution official activity; in a manner dangerous to the lives of many people; by an organized group; with malicious intent, also related to piracy or banditry; due to national, racial, religious, regional hatred or enmity or blood revenge), Part 2 of Article 403 (deliberately) violation of international standards of human rights), part 2 of article 309 (sabotage) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Tajikistan, a criminal case was initiated”, – said in the statement General Prosecutor’s Office.

19:10 today

At the same time, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Kyrgyzstan opened a criminal case on the basis of Article 402 (crime against peace) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan following the recent border conflict.

We remind you that as a result of the armed aggression of Kyrgyzstan on Tajikistan, which continued from September 14 to 18, 41 residents of Tajikistan were killed. killed and dozens of houses were destroyed.

The Kyrgyz side reports that 59 of its citizens were killed.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have been blaming each other for the attack and military aggression on each other’s territory.

Despite the agreement signed on September 19 between the heads of the State Committee for National Security of the two countries regarding the stability of the situation and the removal of troops from the border line, sharp verbal tension continues at the level of the foreign ministries of the two countries.

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