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A private screening of the South Korean film “My Life is My Love” took place in Bishkek. A distinctive feature of the film is its professional dubbing into Russian by the voices of domestic actors from drama theaters and the opera and ballet theater, as well as pop stars.

“This is not the first South Korean-made film to be dubbed by our actors,” said director of the dubbing company Lee Ki Ho. – In 2015, we released three films in cinemas in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Of course, success depends on the enthusiasm with which all the participants in the project got down to business, they did a huge painstaking work on the “packing” of the text, recording and sound processing. These are good results, and we are trying to raise the bar of quality in the processing of Korean films in Kyrgyzstan “

“The first film, The Ghost of a Girl, which was released in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan, was a great success. Probably, for the first time, the distribution of a foreign film in our country lasted four months. This is the defining indicator of the success of the film. Having gained experience, our team attracted pop stars to cooperation. Gulzinat Suranchieva, Omar Zhanyshov, Gulzhigit Kalykov, Galina Ketova, Stanislav Kasyanov and others gladly responded to the invitation to voice a romantic comedy. By the way, we selected the heroes of the film to match the characters of our stars. Starting from January 1, the film will be released in all cinemas of the country, ”said Marat Kaziev, head of the company’s marketing department.

For me, as a viewer who saw the first picture, dubbed by this company, and then their fourth, progress in quality is noticeable. Kyrgyz singers, actors and people, whose voices were suitable for voice acting, did their job well: Korean actors speak Russian as convincingly and emotionally as their own. The dubbing director, well-known domestic actor Murat Mambetov, should also be given credit. Before the screening of the film, he said that working on the voice acting for Korean films is quite difficult. “These are completely different language systems. In Korean, you can say several sentences with just two syllables, which is impossible in Russian, ”he explained.

“We are preparing for the dubbing of films for cinemas in Kyrgyzstan and in the Kyrgyz language, thus planning to expand the audience,” added Munarbek Omarov, head of the company’s business development department.

Now about the film itself. Yeon Min and Mi Yeon are a common couple. Studied, met, fell in love, got married. Everything, like everyone else. After marriage and euphoria, they, like other couples, begin gray everyday life, and at the same time there are many temptations around. Somehow they meet a colleague Mi Yong, and she keeps secrets with him for a long time. The faithful immediately thought that this was his wife’s first love. Jealousy is off the charts! When Mi Yong leaves for his parents, he decides to seduce another. It would seem that what can stop him? And will newlyweds be able to go through everyday life, jealousy, resentment and misunderstanding to find out what true love is.

You know, now a new trend is moving in our direction from the West – cinema therapy. This is a fashionable replacement for the family psychologist. Sometimes it is very useful to look from the outside at what problems other couples are facing and draw conclusions. The tape “My life is my love” gives such an opportunity. How important it is to do it on time! The picture only at first glance seems easy and, perhaps, even superficial. The film actually raises more than one serious topic – love and loyalty, deceit and lies, tolerance for each other and unwillingness to understand the other. You will not find a profound search for the meaning of life. Everything in the film is quite simple and therefore … understandable to the viewer. It would not be a mistake to classify it in the category of those works that will save a family marriage.

Having looked at it, you will not learn to love, you will not understand the nature of this saving and sometimes destructive emotion; you will only witness someone else’s love – beautiful, eccentric, whirlwind, desperate, meek, sudden, mutual, incomprehensible, unhappy, tart, magical, witchcraft, tearful, tragic. Love is always different, and so are we. But in love we are all the same. And therefore – watch the movie and enjoy.

“My life is my love”
South Korea, 2015, 111 minutes
Director: Lim Chan Sang
Genre: romantic comedy.



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