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For more than six months, with great love for all Central Asian media professionals, the Internews team has been planning the fourth annual MediaCAMP Fest, which will be held October 8-10 in Almaty.

The preparations have moved into a super-active phase, and the Internews team is already charged with the mood of the upcoming meetings, full of joyful smiles and warm hugs.

We are pleased to present the program of the festival and share the reasons that, we think, are guaranteed to convince you to share your precious weekend with us, watch the reports on our pages on social networks.

Полная программа фестиваля здесь:

The first day of MediaCAMP Fest (Saturday 8 October) is the busiest. Here are inspiring performances in an already beloved format SnapTalk, and interactive games, and useful workshops. But the main magic is in breaks, where journalists can talk to their hearts’ content with colleagues from other cities and countries, discuss successes and challenges, and exchange experiences.

The festival is primarily networking. Participants will meet many people with similar interests and will be able to create something new together. Educational sessions will help with ideas. One of the master classes, for example, is dedicated not just to monetization, but to working with business representatives. Another will talk about visualization in media: how to do without a designer, in a simple and unusual way to show what you want to convey to the reader. The session of Yokub Khalimov will help you start your first journalistic investigation, and at a special session, colleagues from Internews – Anna Sukhacheva and Lilia Gaysina – will teach the media how to build a network of citizen journalists. It won’t be boring for sure! – says the coordinator of educational programs Internews Alevtina Madyarova.

On the second day of MediaCAMP Fest (Sunday 9 October) we will talk about trends in the region and innovations in the world. We will work not only individually, but also in groups – which means that networking will become more and more every day! Vasily Gatov and Svetlana Lebedeva will perform during breaks between communication. Sessions on media innovations in unstable times and ways to monetize special projects will be useful for participants in various media professions.

– Pay special attention to the open program – the time where you can choose which hall to go to for new experiences. Be sure to take a look at the Documentary Film Hall — it will show the latest works of documentary filmmakers from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. I am sure you will be surprised at how important and bold topics our Central Asian authors raise,” says Mahpora Kiromova, coordinator of educational programs in Tajikistan.

The third day of MediaCAMP Fest (Monday October 10) will bring a special surge of pleasant emotions for some of the participants.

The most important thing on this day is the awarding of the winners of the competition. MediaCAMP Awards. But even before the ceremony, there are many useful sessions: facilitation on the topic of career growth, a conversation with a conflictologist, the rules for working as a journalist in hot spots and forecasting the future of Central Asia.

– Recently, we all live in a vain, we have no time to stop, think globally, reflect on some things in life, profession, think about our mission. And this should be done at least in order to understand who we are, why and where we are going? The festival is a great opportunity to take a break from the routine and think about the important. You can meet in one place at one time with a bunch of interesting people, chat, chat, find out what they do and how, be surprised and admire their experience, learn something, learn something. We hope that MediaCAMP Fest this year will become a place of strength, reflection, reflection, communication and learning,” says Internews content production expert, coordinator of the MediaCAMP Award contest Marina Mikhtaeva.

MediaCAMP Fest Made possible by the help of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and is being conducted as part of the Central Asian MediaCAMP program, implemented by Internews with financial support from USAID. Internews is responsible for its content and does not necessarily represent the views of USAID or the US government.



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