Archaeologists have found a wooden Stonehenge in Portugal “Technoblog”

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Portuguese archaeologists during excavations in the Perdigos complex have discovered the remains of an ancient monumental structure made of wood. Scientists call it wooden Stonehenge, or Woodhenge, writes Popular Mechanics.

Scientists believe that it was a grandiose structure made of wood, from which only a foundation with a diameter of 20 meters… In their opinion, this is a ritual structure, which in design resembles those found only in Central Europe and the British Isles, such as Stonehenge.

The structure is located in the center of the Perdigos complex and clearly forms a megalithic landscape that extends to the Monsaras Upland, located to the east of it. According to the researchers, the entrance to the structure is oriented towards the summer solstice, which indicates its cosmological nature.

“This astronomical orientation of the entrance is common and underlines the close connection between such architectural structures and the Neolithic worldview,” said archaeologist Antonio Valera.

The Perdigos complex, scientists believe, was actively used in the prehistoric Pyrenees between 3400 and 2000 BC. e.



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