Australians have begun to worry about ammonium nitrate reserves, which are four times more than in Beirut

Because of the explosion in Lebanon, residents of New South Wales, where a large chemical plant is located near the central business district, began to worry, according to WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

Today Lebanon is trying to eliminate the consequences of the explosion of ammonium nitrate. In turn, Newcastle residents are planning to move their stocks from the CBD to more remote locations.

It is worth noting that the chemical plant stores about 4 times more hazardous substance than Beirut. In the capital of Lebanon, the explosion killed more than 100 people and at least 4,000 more injured. In addition, over 300 thousand people were left homeless. Authorities said the tragedy was caused by an explosion of nearly 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate.

In the port of Newcastle, there is the Orica plant, which stores approximately 6-12 thousand tons of hazardous substances, which is four times more than in Lebanon. In addition, the plant is located close to residential buildings – less than 800 meters away.

Keith Craig, as well as Tony Richards, who are experts in explosives, say that such a place is not at all suitable not only for production, but also for storing such dangerous components. If there is an explosion of such a quantity of saltpeter, then only ruins will remain of the city.

Orica is one of the largest suppliers of explosives in the world. Company representatives say that there is no reason to panic. They also added that they strictly adhere to all the rules for storing chemicals, so the risks of an explosion are reduced to zero. The residents of the city, of course, did not reassure much and they still continue to get nervous and insist that the stocks of nitrate be transported to a more remote place.



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