Distance learning. Parents were asked to buy modems and devices for teachers “Agent 024”

In the capital’s school No. 17, parents were asked to purchase devices necessary for conducting lessons remotely: modems, cameras, headphones. About it reported by the reader.

At the same time, it is noted in the request, if this format of lessons will last, then it will be necessary to pay for the Internet later.


Photo of the reader Parents are asked to purchase devices for conducting online lessons

The press service of the Bishkek mayor’s office provided explanatory of the director of the educational institution Gulnara Sidametova.

According to her, after analyzing the work of the team and students in the distance mode in the fourth quarter (taking into account the capabilities of teachers and students, parents), taking into account the opinions of all participants in the process and the effectiveness of the work, weaknesses were found.

In particular, out of 87 teachers, only 46 have a computer or laptop with an Internet connection at home. Two teachers have only old-style mobile phones (push-button models).

“Therefore, in April – May, the WhatsApp messenger was used thanks to the connection of free tariffs for teachers and schoolchildren. But on a small phone screen, it is impossible to qualitatively cover 43-45 class students or to conduct a videoconference lesson in the same ZOOM program. Most of the complaints from the parents were about the fact that the children did not see the teacher and did not perceive the material, ”the explanatory note says.

There are computers in 38 classrooms in the school, teachers can teach through them in compliance with all sanitary standards. But the problem is in the provision of the Internet.

“At the moment, the school has five points of connection to the Internet. Thus, eight administrative computers and an information technology cabinet with an interactive panel connected to the Internet are provided. Payment for the Internet and the site is made from the funds of the public association of parents of the school “Pushkinist”. To cover the entire school with cable Internet (this was calculated by experts), at least $ 10,000 is needed, ”the explanatory note says.

Therefore, the teachers assigned to the classrooms were offered to consider the possibility of providing an individual modem, to ask the parents for help in a one-time purchase of modems for the computer in the study.

According to the director, some of the parents responded to this appeal with pleasure, as they are interested in the quality of teaching for children, and some did not understand the teachers. “There was a general meeting of the chairmen of the parental committees of the classes – a conversation took place where they explained everything … (this is not an order, not a mandatory action, this is a request to help teachers in organizing a high-quality process of work in a distance format). Those who do not want to – are not forced or forced, ”the director noted.

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