MegaCom has provided free communication for 30 thousand medical workers throughout the country »Business»

Mobile operator MegaCom at the end of July 2020, as part of the active support of healthcare institutions, he provided free communication with about 30 thousand medical workers of the republic involved in the fight against COVID-19.

The company connected doctors to the “Health” tariff plan, which provides free calls and SMS within the network, as well as 40 GB of Internet traffic (without division by time and volume) and 100 outgoing minutes outside the network for 30 days.

The mobile operator transferred the medical workers who are current MegaCom subscribers to a favorable tariff remotely. And doctors using the services of other telecom operators of the Kyrgyz Republic were given new SIM-cards connected to this tariff plan.

“MegaCom is pleased to lend a helping hand to the frontline doctors involved in the fight against COVID-19 during a difficult epidemiological situation. It is vitally important that physicians have the opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as coordinate with colleagues, because sometimes a simple phone call can save someone’s life, ”he commented on the results of the action General Director of CJSC Alfa Telecom Akylbek Dzhamangulov.

We will remind, earlier the company MegaCom refused advertising costs on radio and TV, directing the freed up funds to purchase medical equipment for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection and pneumonia. As a result, hospitals and inpatient institutions of Kyrgyzstan were transferred 50 breathing oxygen apparatus… In addition, the telecom operator provided call center 118 free communication and 40 smartphones, and observation – landline phones.

MegaCom calls on the business community to actively assist healthcare institutions in providing assistance to Kyrgyzstanis in a difficult time for our country.



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