The shepherd walked past the swamp and saw that the hummock was moving. The incredible story of an elephant rescue

A Kenyan shepherd calmly walked to his flock past a swamp by the dam and out of the corner of his eye noticed that one of the bumps seemed to be moving. The man looked closely and hurried to help – the elephant was dragged into the swamp almost with its head. About it tells Trendymen.

The mud swamp was formed at the dam not so long ago, after the rainy season. It looks like the elephant was walking along the usual path to the pasture, so he did not notice how the bog began to drag him over.

It was almost impossible to see the elephant from the side. In attempts to get out, he fell deeper and deeper, and the mud covered the animal completely.

I didn’t even believe my eyes right away when I noticed a moving bump. And then he immediately rushed to help, the elephant was already barely holding on, – the shepherd later said.

Of course, the man could not pull out the elephant alone; he threw him a large log, which the elephant grabbed by the trunk. And he called a team of rangers.

The elephant was pulled out by cable and car, it took most of the day. Then the animal was given a drink and released – the elephant will probably behave more circumspectly in the future. Although, who knows …

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