Azimbek Beknazarov intends to convene another kurultai »Politics»

Former member of the interim government, now rejoining the opposition Azimbek Beknazarov intends to hold a kurultai in Bishkek. About it IA «» reported ex-ombudsman Kyrgyzstan Tursunbek Akun.

Azimbek Beknazarov himself is not yet available for comment. Tursunbek Akun confirmed that the former associate of the current president of the country planned to hold the forum in early March and invite representatives of the authorities to it.

At the kurultai, they plan to discuss the political situation in the country in connection with the upcoming presidential elections.

Tursunbek Akun

He added that other oppositionists, human rights activists and parliament members will also be invited to the kurultai.

Another kurultai is planned by former high-ranking officials of the times of Askar Akayev.

According to Azattyk, an association is being created in Kyrgyzstan, which will include representatives of the scientific elite, business, current and retired politicians.

Mambet Mamakeev, Mitalip Mamytov, Apas Dzhumagulov, Tursunbek Chyngyshev, Osmonakun Ibraimov, Zhumagul Saadanbekov expressed their desire to join the new union.

The members of the association set themselves the maximum task – to influence the current processes, to discuss in a constructive manner and together with the authorities the sore and accumulated issues, to find ways of solving these problems. At the very least, they want to act as a bridge between the people and the government.

On the next agenda is the holding of a national kurultai, for which, as expected, representatives of all regions will arrive.



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