Four parties passed to the kenesh of Kara-Balta »Elections»

As a result of the early elections, four parties passed to the city council of Kara-Balta. This was announced by the CEC.

According to the data of automatically reading ballot boxes, 14,722 voters took part in the elections. This is 60.39 percent of those who could vote. Nine parties ran for the kenesh. However, only four received the required number of votes.

The SDPK won the most votes in the elections in Kara-Balta.

4 thousand 854 people (32.97 percent) voted for SDPK, 3 thousand 74 (20.88 percent) for “El Aman”, 2 thousand 910 (19.77 percent) for “Mekenim Kyrgyzstan”, for “Eldik- Narodnaya “- 2 thousand 305 people (15.66 percent).

Less than all the votes received the party “Commonwealth of Peoples of Kyrgyzstan” – 304 (2.06 percent), “Republic” – 531 (3.61 percent), “Goodness-Dobro” – 73 (0.05 percent), “Development-Progress” – 376 (2.55 percent).

SDPK (12 seats), “El Aman” (7), “Mekenim Kyrgyzstan” (7) and “Eldik-Narodnaya” (5 seats) are held in the kenesh of Kara-Balta.

It should be noted that 152 people (1.03 percent of voters) voted against all candidates. Another 143 ballots were declared invalid.

It should be reminded that the kenesh of Kara-Balta has already been dissolved twice due to the fact that the deputies could not elect the mayor.



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