Elections 2020. Osh city teachers are forced to collect lists for one of the parties “Elections”

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Teachers in Osh, where elections to the city council will be held on April 12, are being forced to collect lists for one of the parties. They threaten to be fired for failure to comply. This is reported by Twitter users.

“On the eve of the elections to the Osh city council, all heads of educational institutions (universities, schools, kindergartens) were obliged to collect voter lists of the Birimdik party with phone numbers and addresses, and they demand a list of 10 people from each teacher, threatening to be fired for failure to comply,” – wrote one of the users.


Photo Twitter. Users report that teachers are being used again in the election campaign

He said that he applied to the competent authorities about this, but they demanded facts. “And poor teachers will not testify against their leaders,” the author of the post notes.

The information was also confirmed by another user of the social network. She wrote that a woman came to her home, introduced herself as a teacher at a local school and asked for the passport details of the residents.

Elections of deputies of city and ayil keneshes will take place on April 12. On this day, voting will take place in 25 ayil okmotu and 5 cities – Osh, Tokmak, Karakol, Balykchi and Mailuu-Suu. To participate in the elections of deputies of city keneshes 22 political parties applied.



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