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It is sunny in Bishkek on March 19. The air temperature is expected to be +14 degrees. The day has increased to 12 hours 4 minutes.
The Orthodox continue Lent. What you can eat on this day, look at the calendar.
Turn off gas, electricity, water

  • 9.00-17.00 – sections of Togolok Moldo, Moskovskaya, Manaschi Sagynbay streets.

Who is scheduled to
Ruslanbek Zhakyshov Born on March 19, 1974. Member of the Jogorku Kenesh.
Memorable dates
Coat of arms of Pishpek approved In 1908, the coat of arms of Pishpek was approved.
French shield framed with two golden ears of corn entwined with the Alexander ribbon. The top of the shield is topped with a city crown in the form of a fortress tower with three prongs – the sign of a county town within the Russian Empire. In the upper right corner of the shield is the emblem of the Semirechensk region, which belonged to the Pishpek district. The shield of azure color is dissected by a silver belt with three plowshares – a symbol of agriculture – and an image of golden bees – a symbol of diligence – in the upper and lower parts.
People who changed the world
Actress Sabira Kumushaliyeva was born Photo from the Internet. Sabira Kumushalieva
In 1917, the Soviet film and theater actress Sabira Kumushalieva was born in the village of Tokoldosh.
Since 1934 – actress of the Kyrgyz Drama Theater. One of the founders of professional theatrical art in Kyrgyzstan.
For 68 years on the stage of one theater and for 45 years on the screen, she has created more than 100 bright, colorful images. These are the roles of Onolkan based on the play by Beksultan Zhakiev “Father’s Fate”, Maisalbyubyu in “The Narrow Gorge” by Toktobolot Abdumomunov, Richard’s mother in the play “Richard III” by William Shakespeare and others. She shone in the most difficult genre – comedy.
Sabira Kumushalieva starred in more than 20 films. Her path to the cinema began with episodic roles in the films “Saltanat”, “The Legend of the Ice Heart”, “Jamilya”. But with particular sharpness, the talent of the film actress was revealed in the films “Shot at the Karash Pass”, “Climbing Fujiyama”, “Early Cranes”, “Wolf Pit”, “Bow to the Fire”, “Among the People”, “The Sky of Our Childhood”, “White steamboat”, “House with an elevator”.

Died September 15, 2007.
The statesman Iskhak Razzakov died In 1979, in Moscow, at the age of 69, the Soviet statesman and party leader, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan, Iskhak Razzakov, died.
He was born on October 25, 1910 in the Batken region. Leading Kyrgyzstan as the first secretary of the Central Committee, he passed with his people difficult, but at the same time bright years after the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Iskhak Razzakov was 35 years old when the task of leading the republic out of post-war difficulties fell on his shoulders.
Where to go
Where to go today, see the “Afisha”.
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