Bishkek kicks off festivities in honor of Nooruz with a grand concert


The wishes of peace and kindness sounded from the stage in the big hall of the Seitek National Center for Children and Youth, where a concert was held on a festive scale, which opened the doors of Nooruz.

“Nooruz is not only the beginning of the New Year, a time of renewal and revival of nature. It has long become a holiday of friendship that unites peoples, and not only of multinational Kyrgyzstan, but of the whole world. This wonderful holiday is traditionally celebrated by foreigners – employees of various organizations and enterprises in our country. They also came to our concert today,” she said Sabiira Chelpakova, head of the methodological department of the National Center for Children and Youth “Seytek”.

According to her, the center, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Science, began preparing for the festive concert long before this special event. After all, such holidays as Nooruz allow you to get to know the history of the country, its culture, national traditions, customs, rituals more deeply, to understand what the ancient holiday means for people. Therefore, the purpose of this concert is to show the diversity of cultures of peoples. And all this could be seen and heard in the dances and songs of the peoples inhabiting multinational Kyrgyzstan.

The foyer of the center has become a real ethnic city. A large exhibition of folk art was opened here, where there was an opportunity to get acquainted with the applied art of our masters, clothes, souvenirs of those countries where Nooruz is celebrated.

It seemed that the whole city was immersed in a holiday. The mood of the townspeople was upbeat like spring. And the well-known groups of the center added it with a magnificent performance of numbers.



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