Parking freaks. The intruder drove into a hedge to leave his car


Readers send photos and videos with parking violators to WhatsApp and Telegram
The driver of this small car parked on a zebra near kindergarten No. 104.
Also on the markings of the pedestrian crossing was this car at the intersection of Gandhi and BChK streets.

On the Southern Highway, the driver ran into a hedge.
Photo by reader. parking freaks
A few more “eccentrics” were seen on the sidewalks.
Photo by reader. parking freaks
This one stood on Zhukeev-Pudovkin Street.
Photo by reader. parking freaks
And this is on Aitieva Street in the 6th microdistrict.
Photo by reader. parking freaks
In Osh, they also park on the sidewalk. The photo was taken on Masaliev Avenue.



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