Sadyk Sher-Niyaz: Explanatory work of the Social Fund among the population is going very badly “Parliament”

“The explanatory work of the Social Fund among the population is going very badly,” said its chairman Sadyk Sher-Niyaz at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on social issues, education, science, culture and health.

The people’s deputies are discussing the implementation of the law “On tariffs of insurance contributions for state social insurance” dated March 19, 2015 No. 60 (in terms of increasing the tariffs of insurance contributions for members of peasant (farmer) households). According to it, those who own a land share of up to 2 hectares monthly pay 0.5 percent of the average monthly wage prevailing in the regions and cities of the republic for the previous calendar year; from 2 to 10 hectares – monthly at the rate of 1 percent.

At the meeting, some people’s deputies noted that insurance premiums were increased several times, which caused a lot of questions among the population. “People who own small plots, several hundred square meters, have been hit, and they express serious concern. But the system does not respond to these aspirations, they cannot be ignored, ”said the deputy Natalya Nikitenko.

“There is violent discontent among the population. I understand that everyone needs to pay a pension. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out explanatory work with each citizen so that people understand the need for insurance premiums, “Sadyk Sher-Niyaz added and proposed to conduct a gradation among the villagers.

“This law has been worked out for two years. We held meetings at that time, there was support at the aiyl okmotu level, but now we got the opposite. However, until we begin explanatory work, we should not step back. It is necessary to reform the pension system, as well as to attract rural residents to the insurance system. I ask the committee to give us six months to organize meetings with the population, to listen to all the aspirations, ”said the chairman of the Social Fund, Mukhammetkaly Abulgaziev.



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