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On Saturday, September 24, the world celebrates the day of completion of affairs

В субботу 24 сентября в мире празднуют день законченности дел

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Think you have a lot of unfinished business today? Of course, they should be serious, and not just cleaning around the house, for example. All these things “hover” over you with their incompleteness every day, and you probably know the happy feeling of a “mountain off your shoulders”, a pleasant feeling of accomplishment and freedom from problems.

Leave the hassle and finish important things on September 24

When we put off something important for later, an unpleasant feeling settles inside. We constantly return to the unfinished task with our thoughts, and as a result, we begin to experience stress. On the contrary, having dealt with a long and laborious work, we feel joy and satisfaction.

For some people, moving towards a goal is more important than the result, so unfinished business brings them more pleasure than completed ones. However, even for them, there is a stress factor from unfinished business that had to be postponed, because there is neither result nor pleasure from the process.

Let’s just try to complete the important things we have started today, September 24, on the Holiday of Completion.

Why do we start things that we will never finish?

Many factors come into play here. And the main influence is exerted by a factor that we can control – the decision to start a new business.

The fact is that most people are prone to unrealistic planning: they do not fully realize how much time they have and how long it will take to complete this or that task. A person may well understand this principle and yet plan unrealistically. This is another example of how our unconscious works against our interests.

In addition, starting a new business is always exciting and pleasant. We feel good thinking about a new project, and our brain rewards us for it. We need this pleasure. But as soon as the excitement fades, we lose interest in those things that in reality turn out to be not so interesting. And here we begin to blame ourselves for abandoning the case halfway. Self-criticism only adds stress. This vicious circle is not easy to break. However, it is possible.

Other holidays September 24

  • Day of unplanned frenzy;
  • Love Note Day;
  • Feast of the Icon of the Mother of God of Kazan (Kaplunovskaya);
  • Save the Koala Day;
  • Day of the State Flag and Emblem of Crimea;
  • Hug A Vegetarian Day;
  • System Analyst Day;
  • International Day of Caravan (International Day of Caravan);
  • The grape harvest festival is celebrated by Switzerland;
  • Gallbladder Wellness Day in the USA;
  • The Blue Bird of Happiness Day is celebrated in the USA;
  • Arbor Day is held in the US Virgin Islands;
  • The Day of Family, Peace and Consent is celebrated by Kyrgyzstan;
  • Day of the Brave, Native Americans and Punctuation in the USA;
  • Cherry Jubilee Flambe Day in the USA;
  • Culture Day is celebrated by the Marshall Islands;
  • Republic Day is celebrated by Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Guinea-Bissau celebrates Independence Day from Portugal;
  • Heritage Day in South Africa;
  • The Tuscany Craft Festival is celebrated by Italy;
  • Youth Day is celebrated by the Turks and Caicos;
  • Saint Mercedes Day in the Dominican Republic.


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