CEC did not cancel election results at 27 polling stations in Bishkek “Elections”

, Bishkek –,

The CEC did not cancel the election results at 27 additional precincts in Bishkek. The decision was made today at the meeting.

Presidential candidate Toktayym Umetalieva filed a complaint with the CEC. She asked to invalidate the voting results at 27 additional polling stations in Bishkek. Earlier, she applied with the same application to the Territorial Election Commission (TEC) of Bishkek, but they refused to satisfy the application. Then Toktayym Umetalieva appealed to the CEC.

“Toktayim Umetalieva asked to invalidate the results of voting at the polling stations, since the Bishkek TEC did not form additional polling stations. Bishkek City Hall has written a list of 27 potential sites. On the basis of this, the Bishkek TEC was formed. The working group considers the decision of the Bishkek TEC on this complaint to be lawful, ”the conclusion of the working group says.

As a result, the CEC supported the decision of the working group and refused to satisfy the complaint of Toktayim Umetalieva.



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